Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Does Anyone Else Have the Inauguration Day Blues?

Jimi... can you help us out... Listen... (sorry, Turkey... its Youtube)

Not that I ever bought the whole Obama "Change" theme to begin with. But the whole world - every corner - was hoping... praying... for something at least a little bit different.

The Bush years really weren't that different than the generation or two before - they were merely amplified to a hyperbolic cartoon version of the "US leadership" of recent decades passed. We can be thankful, at least, that the Bush Administration opened many people's eyes to what is really happening in this world. Still, there are many who refuse to see, and many among this group greet Obama's "change" with great hope.

These are troubling times, indeed. Israel just violated the cease fire again, and there are two cargo ships staged in Greece to deliver about 250 times the insane amount of heavy weaponry they've dropped into Gaza thus far. These levels of weapons aren't shipped for what-if scenarios.

Meanwhile, the media campaign for war on Iran is reaching new pitches, even as Obama tells us he wants to double up the commitment in Afghanistan while no longer considering bin Laden a real target for capture ("its good enough just to keep him running, though we don't know where he is to begin with" - whatever that means... who buys this stuff?!?).

And, meanwhile.. taxpayer assumption of corporate risks proceeds, with Obama's full support, while these same corporations continue to pay dividends, bonues and privatize profits.

And, meanwhile... civil liberties in the US and the world continue to deteriorate through policies for the propagation of Fear. Obama and Co. were full supporters of the Military Commissions Act, John Warner Defense Act, Patriot Act, Telecom Immunity and other similar bills. Italy and many other places in the world are seeing their own fascist movements taking hold again... Its a troubling trend.

Change? What do we see?

Rahm Emanuel... Clinton... Gates... Holder... Geithner... Napolitano... Vilsack... Daschle... Shapiro... Salazar... Susan Rice... the list goes on and on.

For those already reminiscent for the good ol' days of the Bush era, hang in there...

By the looks of things, we can realistically expect: More transfer of wealth to the wealthy, more brutal and unnecessary wars, greater militarization of the homeland (wherever you call home) and fewer citizens rights.

Am I missing something? What was that change he spoke of?

Is blind hope enough? Or will we truly change the things we care about to something more life-honoring and more spirit-honoring? When will we begin to assert our collective will?

More thoughts later at Alias Jones...

Obama and the Change or simple: any change left?

I got a big smile on my face when I saw this sticker on PoliticalConservativeblog.com

Although I think that the USA needs some psychosocial impulse (which Obama can give) people worldwide expect too much of Obama. Lets first see what happens during the first year of his presidency. Here a balanced article of that blog.

Day opening - January 20

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