Monday, January 19, 2009

Dutch salaries increase faster than inflation

Salaries in the Netherlands increased by an average 3.3 percent last year according to figures from Statistics Netherlands. This means salaries increased faster than inflation at 2.5 percent.
People working in the entertainment and service sectors benefited most with pay rises of 4 percent. The lowest pay rises were in the catering sector, with employees only gaining 2.3 percent more money.
Government pay packages saw increases of 3.3 percent, partly due to end of year bonuses.
Pay rises do not necessarily lead to higher purchasing power, primarily because part of the pay package is withheld in premiums for pensions and social security, say Statistics Netherlands.
Every spring in the Netherlands, discussions are held on pay and conditions between the social partners (employers' organisations and unions), in the hope of preventing wage conflicts and strikes, which often are prevented because these talks
Average GPD BC is 46.000 Dollar

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