Friday, January 16, 2009

The reason why French President Nicolas Sarkozy married Carla Bruni

One of Carla Bruni innocent pictures...

Another carrots for the EU and the Turkish people

PM Erdogan of Turkey is on its way to Brussels to revive EU process.
It's crystal clear for me that his party is running Turkey as a computer shop, and thinks that negotiations with the EU is the same as doing business at the bazaar, but he knows, and we know that the only thing his government has to do is full filling the Copenhagen Criteria which are non-negotiable. So simple. But for sure, he will come back after his three day visit, complaining that the EU treat Turkey in general and Him in person the meanwhile playing the blame game. Yes, another carrots for the EU and the Turkish people.
So far, not one single person in Turkey could provide me one fact where Turkey is treats different regarding the accession process, than any other candidate EU countries. Maybe one: the EU spends much more time in and about Turkey due to the ongoing bargaining by Turkish government. Maybe Erdogan expects for his 'efforts' some presents from the EU? Some money?
I sincerely hopes that he left this time his sunglasses at home although it's sunny in Brussels.

Day Opening - January 16

Cappodica, Turkey