Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Islam is not from God, by Saudi Deist.

I cannot say that Wahhabism (they rule Saudi Arabia) attracts me, especially not its 'unforgiveness' and belief in predestination, or divine preordainment, which as an existentialist, sounds nonsense to me.
Therefor I was pretty surprised by an posting of Saudi Deist who is on Internations their blogroll. I must say, it's an interesting topic...
Here the entry:

Why Islam is not from God?

So I’ll be going into some detail about Islam and why its not the word of God but of man. Now many of the reasons could cover other religions and are not exclusive to Islam. In sura 51 verse 56 god says ” I have only created Jinns and Humans, that they may serve Me.” So whats wrong with this verse? If god created us to serve him why didn’t he plant that into us? or clearly show himself so we may serve him? Also why would he allow us not to serve him if the reason for our creation is serving him?If Islam is the true faith for all Jinns and Humans as it claims, why was it introduced to only Arabs at first and by one man? Why didn’t god send messengers all around the world at the same time spreading his one word? Why did he allow people around the globe to worship others for hundreds of years without sending his word to them? Islam didn’t enter North and South America till the lat 1700s. Why did God not talk directly to the prophet Muhammad and instead used a middleman the angel Gabriel? And why does he even need a messenger? Why doesn’t he him self deliver his message? If not why doesn’t he send his angels instead of humans?Why aren’t historical and religious stories of the past in the Koran the same as the Bible? Why aren’t there different stories? Is there nothing in the history of the world that wasn’t already mentioned in the Bible?
These are only some of why Islam is not from God. They are questions but such questions for me only lead me to believe that Islam is from man and not God.
I will talk more on Islam in the future and also other religions.

Here is a list of people who converted from Islam to other religions or became simple agnostic or atheist.

Day Opening - January 13

Pammukkale, Turkey

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