Saturday, January 10, 2009


Internations is a fragile project of people of several countries, with the focus on Turkey.

I'm after 4 years blogging not able to deliver/write articles on a daily bases. My political opinion is and will be published in several outlets and in my book.
As I mentioned earlier, this blog is open for people with different points of view. And we will keep it that way.

There are several people who asked to be a co blogger here. I'm fine with that. But I first want to meet these people.

Thereforer, one person, who I met recently, has an interesting opinion about life and living in Turkey: Sam, he will be a new co blogger here.

Another person, who works for Turkish EU lobby group, will follow soon.

Internations is an open forum, which attracts a lot of attention of the mainstream media. But it doesn't mean that we are 'mainstream'.

Regarding 'Sam', his own site is

Day Opening - January 10

Inside the main building of the Hotel des Invalides. Visitors are hurrying towards the dome to pay a visit to Napoleon's grave.
Olivier Ffrench (Paris, France)