Mass hysteria in Turkey: Soon ‘For Muslims only’

The troika, Turkish President Gül, Prime Minister Erdogan and Chief EU negotiater Egemen Bağiş all used the Swiss vote to ban minarets for their own dark and dubious purposes. The Turkish PM Erdogan called Europe fascist (although he resemble all the physical trade marks, appearance with a dogmatic style a la Goebbels), the Turkish president talked about those Swiss racists (although he even cannot solve the problem with his 20 million Alevi and Kurdish ‘minority’) and the Turkish chief EU negotiator Egemen Bağis urged his fellow Muslim people around the world to transfer their money from Swiss banks to Turkish banks, since Turkish banks are Muslims banks. Wrong! More than 60% of the Turkish banks could and can still not stand on their own feet and are bought by Greeks (Finansbank) Dutch (Oyak Bank) Americans (AK bank) Belgium/Dutch (Disbank) and so more. Only Ataturks bank the Isbank and 2 small banks, Ziraat Bank and Halk Bank are Turkish owned. Another populistic lie by this idiot  of E. Bağiş.

The point here is that the ruling AK party and their cronies are trying to gain political and economical advantage about the Swiss vote to ban the ‘imperialist’ minarets.
More saddening is that two friends of mine felt into a trap and show some hysterical behavior in their columns of today: Mustafa Aykol and Orhan Kemal Cengiz. It reminds me about what Jung once said; Show me one sane man and I will cure him.

Here a short reaction of mine. And I hope that the Islam world can take of that sign and image of ‘For Muslims Only’ day.

Mustafa,  your interpretation of this ban of minarets (In Islamite countries seen as the dominant factor of their religion in their society) has all to do with fear. Logically, when people felt trapped and threatened in their own culture and heritage and fear that one day Islam will create parallel societies in their countries, take for example the UK with its 80 Sharia courts which threat the lives of Muslim women in this country. And especially when your PM Erdogan once cited: Our minarets are our bayonets. Your compared Nazi Germany with contemporary Europe where Muslims have more rights than in their countries of birth. About fascism, while Europe was suffering under the rule of the inhuman Nazi’s, the Arab world embraced Nazism. Fascism is a cult and rejects all religions, but Nazi Germany had warm relations with the Arab world. Khomeiny, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Arab leaders such as Sayyid Qutb of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, as well as the Palestinian leader Haj Amin al-Husseini admired Hitler. Sami al-Joundi, one of the founders of the ruling Syrian Ba’ath Party, recalls: “We were racists. We admired the Nazis. We were immersed in reading Nazi literature and books… We were the first who thought of a translation of Mein Kampf. Anyone who lived in Damascus at that time was witness to the Arab Inclination toward Nazism, like the “Hisb-el-qaumi-el-suri” (PPS) or Social Nationalist Party in Syria. The first Syrian Baath leader, Anton Sa’ada, styled himself the Führer of the Syrian nation, and Hitler became known as “Abu Ali” (In Egypt his name was “Muhammed Haidar”). The banner of the PPS displayed the swastika on a black-white background, until today, even in Lebanon. Until this very nice day in December, fascism flourish in the Arab world. Now you know why there are only one single parties in that part of the world with the big exception of Israel. I recommend you to watch the six hour documentary ‘Nazis, a warning from history’ before make such ridiculous claims about what happened in the 30ties in Germany and these days in Europe. In fact you incite hatred towards non-Muslims.


Sean Jeating said…
Nicely put, Hans. Chapeau!

As you will know I am not surprised about Mr Akyol.
Let's talk about certain rhetoric skills and, for a change, call a spade a spade!

If the Turkish knew why Göbbels became Hitler's propaganda minster, they would understand why Mr Akyol became one of Fethullah Gülen most precious mouthpieces.
VLR said…
Of course the AK party has to say something stupid about this.

But i fail to see the hysterical behaviour in both articles (except for the title of Akyol's article).

And i 'm afraid you don't explain what is so hysterical in these articles in your own reaction.

Unknown said…
i really need to go sleep now, but i just cant help myself to make some short comments.

now you sound like a typical kemalist. where does that bayonet reference came from, especially after all those years in which that marvelously successful propaganda machine of AKP tried to make us forget?

i know that u personally have this line of critisim against AKP for some time, and this is pretty much the kind of thing u have been saying about them, but honestly, when did the western world decided to realize that AKP might be upto something more than they want u to think? must be probably when Mr. Erdogan decided that it is time to play his own game.

and even though ur critisim about AKP makes sense, i really really really would like to hear what u think about the minaret ban which seems rather missing in ur post.

this reminds me a story of Nasreddin Hodja. A burglar breaks in his house and the next mornning everybody accuses the Hodja. "Why didnt u lock the door? Why didnt u close the window? Why didnt u do this and that and this?" And Hodja replies: "Ok folks, u r right but isn't the thief guilty at all?"
Marie said…
Big debate in France : national identity and immigration ?
The man in charge of organizing the discussion is Éric Besson, a former Socialist who is Mr. Sarkozy’s minister of immigration, integration, national identity and cooperative development. This name – given by our Hungarian president - for the ministry is telling enough; national identity, in the government’s mind at least, is connected to immigration and integration.
In an interview, however, Mr. Besson denied any connection between immigration and the debate. Asked if it was a sign of uncertainty about actual state of France, he answered: “No, not at all. It’s not from worry neither from naïve optimism. It’s the idea that there is a pleasure in discussing.” This harmonious cynism is very useful to hide the reality of the words.
Mr. Besson was born in Morocco, son of a Lebanese mother and a French father. Mr. Besson came to France at 17 and did well in business and politics, then joined Mr. Sarkozy’s government.
A short time after the launching of this debate, our Moroccan minister will embattle the ‘grey mariages’ : grey compared to ‘white mariages’, – white like pure and clean ? – grey mariage when made by and between a foreign person only willing to obtain a residence permit misusing the vulnerability of the other : a sentimental swindle with migratory goal ! Preventive and repressive measures will be at study associated with Justice Ministry.

Minaret, architecture, identity, love, mariage become new acronyms that will witness the next severance.

Unknown said…
@Sean: MA is not following gulen as he told me, do ı have to believe.)
@VLR, because they are exploiting the situation
And 300 readers of Het Vrije Vold, which published thias article were more than interested.

Marie and Jedi: later

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