Some tips to make the best out of a rainy day

The last week was one after the other a wet and windy day in the Netherlands. So a Dutch newspaper presented a whole page of tips to “beat the autumn blues”. No less than 1.2 million Dutch folk claim to suffer from what the paper calls “an autumn dip” and it calls on the services of eight “experts” to let in a little ray of sunshine.

Unfortunately most of these specialists seem to be more interested in their own bank balance than the well-being of the nation. There’s the sauna owner who suggests you go for a sauna, the travel agent who recommends an exotic autumn break and the clean-up stylist – whatever that might be – who declares that domestic chores are the ideal way to generate “physical and mental energy”. Refreshingly there’s also a fashion guru who warns us all not to go shopping because “it just gets you down … everything you like is either too expensive or doesn’t fit … and you end up with sore feet, feeling fat”. Tell it like it is, sister!

While we’re on the subject of retail therapy the newspaper front page features the story that Interior Minister Guusje ter Horst is allowing shops to impose a ban on customers wearing hoods as a measure to prevent hold-ups. The paper’s cartoonist hits back with a picture of a hooded shopper in the pouring rain saying “That’s all well and good … but could you ask the man upstairs for better weather first?”


Sharkbytes (TM) said…
I love that picture! But no wearing hoods? I'd be in trouble.

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