Muslem fundamentalists hate women

Protesters were gassed and beaten by security forces last week Wednesday in Tehran when they mounted a counter demonstration during the annual state-sponsored rally marking the anniversary of the U.S. Embassy seizure.

Protesters bravely defied a government ban on demonstrations, and voiced their anger over the disputed June presidential election and the bloody crackdown that ensued. Even questioning the election results has been decreed a serious crime against the state.

As AI reported earlier, that crackdown has included the perverse mass "show trial" of more than 100 people charged with fomenting the post-election unrest. Iranian-American scholar Kian Tajbakhsh received a harsh 15-year sentence, even though he was not involved in the protests nor had he questioned the election results.

Iranian authorities are going to preposterous lengths to draw anyone exercising their human rights into a vortex of fear and oppression.

Especial women are their targets now since women take a lead in demonstratins. It's obvious that Muslem funda's don't like women...they are perverted bigot animals. Click on the link for a short footage of last week Wednesday beating of an innocent young woman!

Yep, and the PM of Turkey is good buddies with the President of Iran!
Here an interesting opinion article wittern by a well known Turkish columnıst, Burak Berdil (a Muslem too) called Muslims don't (after Turkish PM remarks that Muslims don't commit suicide)


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