EC droppers

Besides all those bans lately in Turkey, also is difficult to reach and access to internations is not always easy, sometimes impossible.
For EC droppers, sometimes I skip blogs with the doman name blogspot; it takes simple too much time to load a page, up to 5 minutes.
Hope everything will change soon!


Sher said…
Hi Hans,
Sorry to hear about the trouble and more bans there in Turkey. No problem about the dropping--that's very understandable...I would do the same if it took 5 minutes to load a page!

All these problems with blogspot and google (countries banning access to them) has made me seriously consider getting my own domain.

Hopefully it will change soon.

Have a great day,
Sher :0)
cornyman said…
Oh, that's the reason why i don't see you anymore in my Drop inbox :)

Nevermind... if i see somewhere your ad, i will visit you!

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