Pamplona this week: Bull running and the party!

The festival of San Fermin, or the Pamplona bull running as it's more commonly known outside Spain officially begins at midday on 6th July every year with the 'chupinazo' which takes place on the balcony of the Casa Consistorial in Pamplona. .The history of the bullrunning in Pamplona is not clear. There is evidence of the festival from as far back as the 13th century when it seems the events took place in October as this coincided with the festival of San Fermin on October 10th. It seems that the modern day celebration has evolved from this as well as individual commercial and bullfighting fiestas which can be traced back to the 14th century. To this day San Fermin remains a fixed date every year with the first bullrun at 8am on July 7th and the last at the same time on July 14th. You can see the first run below and the first party above!

Also wet t-shirt competition...

Only men are usual.)!

...that's the first 'prick'
Tired of running....
The 'real fight'...and 'they' both look the same...

Rules of the bullrun
1.- To admit anyone under the age of 18 into the course as minors are totally prohibited from running or participating.
2.- To go over the police barriers which the authorities see fit to erect.
3.- To place oneself in the zones and areas of the itinerary which are expressly indicated by the agents of the authorities.
4.- To hide oneself before the release of the bulls in corners, dead angles or doorways of houses or establishments located throughout the length of the course.
5.- To leave open the doors of the houses along the course, the owners or tenants of the said property being responsible for this.
6.- To enter into the route in a state of drunkenness, under the effects of drugs or in any inappropriate state.
7.- To carry objects which may impede the correct running of the Bull Run.
8.- To wear clothes or shoes which are not appropriate for the run.
9.- Call the animals or distract them in any way and for whatever reason in the course or during the rounding up in the Bull Ring.
10.- To stop in the Bull Run or station oneself on the walls or barriers or in the doorways in such a way as to impede the run or the defence of the runners.
11.- To grab onto, harass or mistreat the animals or obstruct their exit enclosure by any action during the amateur bullfight.
12.- To take photographs from the streets, walls or barriers without due authorisation.
13.- Any other action which may impede the normal running of the Bull Run.


Ardent said…
I feel so sorry for the bulls. What a ridiculous sport!
Mizé said…
Oh..Spanish Tomatada is so much fun :)
Watching this pictures reminded me of that tradition. Less dangerous too :)
Good Friday!
Mizé said…
Another thing I´d like to add,
I don´t feel that much pity for the bulls because we kill them to eat anyway.
But I´m suspicious, I´m Portuguese and grew up watching "Touradas", it´s cultural for me.
Regards, Mizé.
Unknown said…
@Ardent: In Spain and Mexico they kill and torture the bull, in Portugal they only 'play' with the bull...and it's magnificent to see.)! Right Mize?.)

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