Turkish image

Turkey's general problem is the country's less than positive image.
According to the Anholt nation brand index 2007, Turkey came 34th out of 40 countries ranked for their appeal to citizens, behind Russia, Mexico and Egypt.
Candidate country Croatia on the other hand is seen fairly positively by EU citizens and its membership bid encounters little opposition.
''In many ways, Turkey's brand image today in the West is in the same shape as if Atatürk had never lived," says the independent British government advisor Simon Anholt. And that must be a blow for the current and de facto all previous Turkish governments. Instead of blaming each other all the time, it is almost a neccesity to create a common goal, which favors Turkish image. It's still a populair touristic spot, but most of the people come over for an all-in holiday near the coast, ignoring the heritage of Anatolia.
Turkey did a little better in 2008; it ranks 36 out of 50 and that is far below its 'standing'.
Turkey's image is far too wild!
Regarding tourists from the Netherlands; 11 million (out of 16) plans a holiday abroad for at least week. The most populair destinations are:
1. France 1.550.000
2. Spain 900.000
3. Italy 750.000
4. Germany 750.000
5. Greece 475.000
6. Austria 375.000
7. USA 350.000
(no Turkey?!)


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