Travelling is just fun in Europe

We are still in Milano but tomorrow morning we will take the train to Paris, which is a comfortable way of travelling in Europe. From Milano through the Alps in 7 hours in Paris.

Yesterday evening diner was fun but I drank too much wine and had a little head ache this morning. Fortunate, no obligations for me but O. had to attend the annual meeting of her company. So we had breakfast and I eat a lot of Parma ham and cheese!

Late this afternoon we met shortly with a Turkish friend who is married to an Italian and bought our train ticket to Paris where we will stay for one night. It's O. her first visit to France so tomorrow night we will make an 'executive summary tour de Paris' since we will leave the next day for Amsterdam by Thalys.

In fact, this afternoon a meeting was planned for me with an Italian/American company but had to cancel because of a little food poisoning or disrupting of the stomach, but we will meet next week in Istanbul where an exhibition is planned by them together with a well known Istanbulian university.
I also therefore skipped the final diner of tonight. A dressed diner...after last night experience I prefer to have my food in my hotel room so that I will sleep at 11pm sharp. At 6am up and train will leave at 8am...
And no time for internet until Thursday afternoon when we will arrive in Amsterdam for a three day stay...with a trip to Brussels planned on Saturday.
Yep, it's fun travelling in Europe with so many cultures, languages and different foods.


Claude said…
I don't blame you for drinking too much italian wine. A friend told me he became a wine alcoholic when visiting Italy for 12 days! He said they had wine from morning to night! You're having such a great trip. Thank you for all the details. Could you get by, travelling in Europe, with just French and English?

Wishing you a romantic day in Paris. How nice for your wife to see it for the first time with you.
Sher said…
Hi Hans,
Sounds like you and your wife are having a wonderful trip!! I know she will enjoy Paris--it's such a beautiful and romantic place!!

Have a safe and great trip!
Sher :0)
Romancing Italy said…
Hi Hans, You are just having so many "fun" experiences on your trip and that's tongue in cheek. I'm so sorry your stomach was upset that you couldn't attend the dinner. Not that I enjoy dress up affairs and fancy food myself, but I am sure it would have been a lovely evening and O would have loved to have you at her side.

Paris is wonderful and a place that I'd like to see again. You'd better keep your promise and post more. I'm looking forward to it.
Unknown said…
@Claudia, my experience with Italy and the Italians is that they control drinking wine and never get drunk.)
With English you can do fine in Europe as the Italian and French taxidrivers speaks English. I also experienced that in Spain and Italy many people understand French..)!
@Sher, thanks, just visited the Eıfel tower by night and the Champ D'Elysee.)
@Bev, I missed the diner in the Savoy of Milano.((


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