In Paris

Today we took the train from Milan to Paris, a wonderful trip of only 7 hrs.
Paris is as usual beautiful on this typical May day in Spring; the cafe's, and there are a lot of them, are open with terraces.
We arrived at our hotel at 4pm and what is in front of the hotel? Kebab D'anatolia...
O. wants to go shopping at the Champs-Élysées...she will discover that you don't shop there unless you can afford to drive a Rolls Royce..)!
We go swalking and sight seeing and eat a lot of French Cheese...later more.


Valerie said…
Welcome to 'my city'..)))
A pity that I'm too busy these days otherwise we could set up a meeting the two of us..)))
Claude said…
Kebab D'Anatolia???

It's an exciting trip. I didn't think that Paris was 7 hours away from Milan.
Of course Montreal is 5 hours away from Toronto, and it's in the same country.
I hope the shopping went fine.:) What I would want to do is sit at a Terrace, with French wine, bread and cheese, and just watch La Seine flowing. That would satisfy my desire to know Paris. There is a beautiful song about this.
"Car La Seine est une amante, son amant c'est Paris."

All the best.
Geert Jan Keutelaer said…
You come closer by The civilization..))!
Sher said…
Hi Hans,
Sounds like you and your wife are having a wonderful time! Reading your post is taking me back to Paris! That city is beautiful--and the cheese is to please!!! Also the wine!

Have a great time--careful shopping!
Sher :0)

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