Ape, mankind

My favorite philosopher F. Nietzsche asked once; 'what do you really see if you see a monkey?'. 'Something when you look in the mirror or...something you are ashamed of'. He, we all were babies once...


Claude said…
Maybe...maybe...we share a common heritage, but the poor scrawny little thing is not very appealing. I was a much nicer looking baby. I'll send you my picture, Hans, and you can compare.:)))

What does Nietzsche know anyhow????
Unknown said…
Dear Claudia,
Nietsche is dead, dead, dead, at least, I hope so..))
Yes, send your picture, which will be used as a Day Opening..))!!!
Anonymous said…
Nietsche? It's Nietzsche, sir...))!
And did you look in the mirror when you were born? Yes, you did.(!!

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