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The last three months Internations is part of the big Entrecard family. It’s fun but time-consuming, but as long as I have the time to go three hours a day over 300 web sites (and sleep 3 hours less) I don’t mind. As I earlier wrote, this blog is listed under Expats. So, during these 3 months I discovered all kind of interesting co-Expat blogs. Many yanks/gringos/Brrrrittons, but at least I understand their English and I hope they my Denglish and other co-bloggers their Grenglish, Tenglish, and sophisticated high-attractive Amercanismes.
Anyway, on the side bar of this screen, every day a new picture pops up with beneath the Entrecard symbol. If you click on the picture, you will be directed to another site, and we of Internations earn One point with do so...ola..)
I approve only sites which are interested, and I guess blog-owners only choose Internations to advertise here with their blood-and-tears earned entrecard points because they find this site nice. So it goes both ways.
Especially I want to do some free PR, the first time in 30 years (thank you) for some sites worth mentioned. Here we go:
Martin in Bulgaria
Cher in Prague
PG in Prague
Matt in Japan
And an anti-politics blog of the USA.
And many more...!!
Worth reading!

There are more such as Rachel her photo blog from Argentina, Mova in Indonesia, Saudi Deist and Denford from Harare in Zimbabwe; they all are already on Internations their blog roll, not necessary to do some more PR here...
Click on them as well; read them, every day for the next 3 months.
The world is more fun if you broaden your vision over the borders of Turkey and beyond.
And don’t forget to come back here and click around; the more page views, the more we earn and the more we are motivated to make you happy for unsolved mysteries, independent points of view regarding politics, beautiful art, poetry, photography, twitter news and more so on. In the end you don’t need your expensive newspapers anymore, but only us..))!!


Claude said…
I like your "Denglish"...In French Canada, we say Franglais when we mix English to French.

I truly enjoy your Guest Blogger each day, and many blogs on your sidebar. It certainly does widen my Western World horizon. Good to hear the news from real people, not the often biased and limited newspapers.

To visit here is always an adventure. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
hmmmm. I feel something is going on in your mind...a coup d'etat in the Turkish media..not bad.
Still waiting for your opinion about Mustafa.
Sher said…
Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog! It's an honor--I enjoy your blog, too...every day is something so interesting and new!

You all have a great weekend!
Sher :0)
Anonymous said…
Big Thank You! From me also ;-)
Anonymous said…
Sometimes you twit too much..still waiting on your movie review about Mustafa...
Anonymous said…
I had a good laugh..))
Thank you sir Hans.)
Claude said…
Hans - The last blog you mention is teaching me new political words.:))))))))))) I'm not sure the spelling is right though.:)))
VLR said…
I like the American blog, although "fucking" seems to be the sole alternative word in American to sound convincing.

phuckpolitics said…
Thank you for the plug. I'm glad I have an international fan. You have one in me.

@Claudia - I'm glad someone is learning something from my blog. Ha.

@VLR - Thanks for the complement. "Fucking" might not be the sole alternative word in America that sounds convincing, I just fucking love saying it. Ha.

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