Call for a boycott of USA goods.

Like in many other countries, a Turkish consumer organization call for a boycott of USA, UK and Israelis goods.

I understand the frustration and anger among many Muslims but I simple don't understand why the USA, UK and Germany for example must be boycotted. And it became ridiculous by spreading conspiracy theories involving bar codes and hidden Israeli flags. One text message circulating in the Netherlands claimed that Aldi and Lidl, two German popular retail chains among immigrants in Europe, would "donate part of their profits to Israel."

Okay, boycott the USA produced goods! But be consequent! Don't turn your computer on, Windows is an USA made product. And when you don't use Windows then you for certain have an Apple Mac, also American.

You can replace Pepsi Cola or Coca Cola easily with Cola Turka, and Burger King and McDonald's with a nice kebab. But what about taking a trip abroad with one of the many Boeing's, American as well. And don't forget to boycott American movies and the many popular Hollywood made TV shows, that's over for now.

And the Turkish Army can stop functioning properly since they buy their weapons from Israel, the USA and Sweden...)

If we included UK made goods, you better can stop shopping: Unilever has more brands than you want to know.


Burcu said…
I also remember a boycott which is against a French brand "Danone".

It's claimed that although France produces this good (yoghurt) the producers doesn't sell it in their country and they export to Turkey. Why ? Because it's said that this product has some agents in it which prevents children's brain development.It was a kind of mail sent to my mail box many times but i ignored again and again. Throwing muddle at someone is easy but sentient people never pay attention this.

PS: I love Danone with strawberry aroma:)
Claude said…
Unless practiced on a grand scale, boycott seldom works. As you point out, it only deprives a country of products that some people might need.

I remember USA shunning Cuba's merchandises, for a good reason. And here, in Canada (ally of USA) people were going to Cuba for their holidays because it's a warm country, and very cheap for tourists. It was funny and tragic!
One 2 Day said…
Everyone to their own right? There are some countries I dislike greatly and due to that I will not buy their products, does not make a drop of difference to them but a hell of a lot to me. oh yeah and as for windows and all that, I didn't pay for mine.
Anonymous said…
i see some merit in only giving your dollars/lira/euro to those worthy of your business, and we're all free to set those standards as we please. i prefer to keep mine in my village, if possible. within the city to the extent i can. within the region as the situation allows. and on..

it feeds the people nearest me and ultimately that's a good thing... it builds strong neighborhoods of people looking out for each other.

a boycott doesn't have to crush in subject of it... its just choosing whether or not you support what that money goes to. if not, find a more worthy vendor/brand/company to support.

- sam
Ardent said…
Many years ago, there was a very big campaign in Australia to boycott French Goods because the French were testing bombs in the Pacific ocean. The French said the testing was harmless. So why could'nt they test the bombs in the English Channel?

The outrage was so great that they refrained from testing the bombs. (So, we were told)

My point being collectively one can produce results with a boycott.
Sean Jeating said…
Just a thought: Where does one usually go shopping? In one's home town. Thus who's likely to become the first 'victim' of a boycott? Your 'neighbour' who might even lose his job.

@ Ardent: Are you refering to 1994/1995?
Ardent said…
Yes Sean, I am referring to those years. Chirac was President at the time.

Australia asked the British Prime Minister to intervene but Majors refused. It then occurred to me that these leaders must sell each other data.

But the outrage served us well and it was justified.
Unknown said…
@Burcu: Danone is free available in France, I think that email you received was a hoax...
@Claudia: I think that there was not only a boycott of Cuban goods, but a total bloccade. While living in Miami, I had many interesting conversations with the Cuban population there...indeed a tragic situation.
@One2Day: you're right, its personal matter, he, but buy illegal software....what's your IPS no..))
@Sam, whenever I can, I go to the small shops, since they know me, and their service and welbeing is more worth than these of the big retail chains.
@Ardent, Sean: was the political pressure not the reason that the French stopped their testings?
During the cartoon crisis, several countries boycotted Danish goods, in respond Denmark stopped financial aid to those countries. In the end Denmark was better off.
The same when the Dutch movie Fitna appeared. Jordan boycotted the Netherlands, and the Netherlands stopped the financial aid.
Those boycots are often enacted on an emotive way, and often by sjeiks or imams who want more atention..)
Ardent said…
Hans, the political pressure only came because of public outcry. We even had billboards all over the City telling people to boycott France. Greenpeace was also very vocal.
Unknown said…
Ardent, I understand that, but I've still my doubts about the effects of a boycott of goods of a certain country.
Turkey boycotted France after the legaslation of the Armenian genocide 2 years ago, but it didn't result in political pressure. Greenpeace, Amnesty International etc. are often more effective in their actions.
Gulay said…
OK so define US, UK or whatever goods. Take a bag of frozen chips sold in Tesco. Grown in Bulgaria, peeled in Greece, frozen in Romania, bagged in Ireland and sold in boycott frozen chips and deprive a Bulgarian farmer of income......happy?
Alias Jones said…
sounds like a damn expensive bag of chips...

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