Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking for a man? Wear red, say researchers

Red is not only associated with danger but is also a sexual signal to men and, according to the latest research, also to women. In this respect mankind is not so different to other primates, say US psychologists.

The colour red increases the attractiveness of a woman for men. Men find the same woman much more attractive in a red blouse than a blue one and the same goes for a black and white photo of a woman in a frame with a red background than the same photo with a white, grey or green backdrop. The opposite is true for women looking at the same photos.
And the men don’t think the woman with the red background looks kinder, or more honest or more intelligent - it’s about sexual desirability. Men, meanwhile, are not aware of this effect.
These are the findings of a study of mainly white males aged around 20 carried out by psychologists from Rochester University in the US and reported in the November issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Mating season

According to the researchers, the results of the study mean that red is the colour used by women to attract members of the opposite sex in the same way as other female primates.
During the mating season, the area between the sexual organ and the anus of female baboons, chimpanzees and macaques turns dark red, for other apes the vulva is a more subtle shade of red. Although this doesn’t happen to women, they do blush more during ovulation and tend to wear more revealing clothes so that the redness of their skin is more visible.
The findings of the Rochester University study are all the more interesting because earlier research has indicated that the colour red is primarily a stop signal. For example, people perform less well in IQ examinations if the cover of the test paper is red. What happens is that the right frontal cortex of the brain is stimulated by the red colour; this is the area associated with avoidance behaviour.

Associated with romance

According to earlier research, when people are being assessed, they associate red with danger, making mistakes and warnings. Fear of failure then results in poor performance.
But on a more personal level, red symbolises exactly the opposite. Not “go away” but “come hither”. Red has been associated with romance (or sex) throughout history. Red light districts signal sexual availability or women express this themselves by wearing rouge or red lipstick.
Psychologists are currently attempting to find out if red also makes men more attractive to women because amongst some primates, such as the mandrill, the most dominant males clearly display more red. The first results indicate that red is indeed equally attractive to women.

So having a Ferrari, will be good for men looking for a woman.)

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