Monday, December 22, 2008

Update - new sites

First of all, it was good to meet Seda last Friday. Seda, born and raised in Turkey is our co blogger under the name 'sonagre'. She lives in Greece.

Sandra is still recovering after some weeks in the hospital but blessed with a child! She posted her happiness today.

Several new sites are added to the Chain of Internations. Let me introduce some of them:

Saudi Deists. A new blog from Saudi Arabia. Deisme means: believe in God not in Religion.

Another interesting blog is from Walton, an expat in Kazachstan. Probably I will write for his site occasionaly. Kazachstan is an interesting country!

Mova from Indonesia is another blogger which will be added to the Chain. Mova is an Catholilic in Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim community.

And last but not least: Nevin, a good sparring partner about Turkish issues. We disagree all the time but agreed to keep the 'lines open'.

Welcome to Internations.

Baby Announcement

This is to inform you,
To keep you updated,
Someone's arrived at our house
To whom we're related.

He screams and he wails
But he still brings us joy,
For the arrival we have
Is a new baby boy!

The name of our little darling is Arjun Anielkumar.
Thanks everyone for your warm wishes!

Arıtman should be expelled from CHP regardings his accusations that President Gul is of Armenian origin...

Adeviye Gül, the mother of President Abdullah Gül, could be Armenian. She could be Kurd, Georgian, Circassian or similarly.

Instead of accusing European countries of rascist behaviour, Turkey has to look in the mirror before that is broken. Rascism is institutionalised.

Read here the article.

Day Opening - December 22

Salvador Dali
The Oecumenical Council -1960.
Private Collection on Loan to the Dali Museum Cleveland, Ohio