Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dutch Prince and the Dutch National Lottery gave to Clinton Foundation

Prince Johan Friso and the Dutch postcode lottery organisation are on the list of donors to the William J. Clinton Foundation which has just been published on the foundation's website.

The publication follows pressure from US president elect Barack Obama who wants to appoint Clinton's wife Hillary as his secretary of state. Obama wants to ensure there are no conflicts of interest between the minister for foreign affairs and her husband's charity work.
The list does not include exact sums of money but says that Johan Friso donated between 100,000 and 250,000 US dollars.

Nor is it clear when Johan Friso donated the cash. The prince, second son of queen Beatrix, has not been part of the official royal household since his marriage to Mabel Wisse Smit. Members of the royal household are not supposed to be involved in politics.

The postcode lottery group has donated 1.5 million dollars each year since 2005. "A person like Bill Clinton opens doors which make more effective action against poverty possible," the lottery group said.

Clinton's foundation was set up in 1997 and has raised some 500 million US dollars since then. The list of donors also includes Saudi Arabia (between 10 and 25 million dollars), the governments of Brunei, Norway and Jamaica and former Formula 1 racing driver Michael Schumacher.

Some interesting facts about France (1)

France or République française as it is officially known, is the largest European scumhole, surpassing Germany for cultural stereotypes and social unrest. Her chief claim to fame is being the first stop for any artist reject or wannabe dictator. Geographically, France is located at the teat of Europe hence the town of Breast at the foremost edge of the coast.

The French are famed for their culinary skills which consist of "baking bread" and "producing hot buns and tarts". There is also the widely adopted pastime of drinking excess coffee so as to be able to stay up late into the night; indeed France is a nation of "midnight alley cats".
The French have also have a great claim to fame by having overpowering unions, which have led to slow industry and the country being in perpetual recession and ruled by crypto-fascist governments since France's defeat in the Second World War.

Day Opening - December 21

Salvadore Dali
Slave Market with the Appartion of the Invisible Bust of Voltaire
1940. Oil on canvas, 46,5 x 65,5 cm.
Collection Mr. and Mrs. A. Reynolds Morse, on loan to Salvador Dali Museum, St.Petersburg, Florida

Dali's double image of theBust of Voltaire by Houdon has been use many times in various works and publications to illustrate the time - space concept. Dali did a guache of this figure as a picture puzzle. Scientific American magazine in the December 1971 issue used a detail from the Slave Market with Disappearing Bust of Voltaire to demonstrate the physical structure of the perception system of sight in which the optical neurons reverse the images. While painting this picture Dali related in Dali de Gala : "I kept reciting without ever stopping the poem of Joan Salvat Papasseit, 'Love and War, the Salt of the Earth.' " Salvat Papasseit was a Catalonian anarchist whom Dali greatly admired. In Barcelona he was accused of having become an extreme rightist because the only thing he did was to apologize for the war at a time when everybody else had become pacifists.