Saturday, December 6, 2008

We need a fresh and clear page...

I was thinking to write the second part of my journey to New York, but i do not want it now :) If you want me to, please tell me so.

Yesterday, I met with a girl for a coffee and a quick chitchat in Aristo Square. (By the way, this time of the year with Christmas decorations, it is sooo magical) She is a friend`s friend. She started the conversation how nice city Istanbul was and the food was incredible and bla blaa. ( she has been there 1 month ago for 4 days) And suddenly she started to say that "You know it was our land before you". I am sorry but This sentence is so so stupid for me and it started to make me angry.

There were lands before human beings and first X colony came and settled there. After some time, They had a fight with Y colony and Y colony took the place. And after some time Z colony came...etc. X colony members will remind to Z colony members that that was our land even 600 years later? American Indians remind Americans? Mexico reminds America? or the other countries? Why Greek people still saying this? It is 550 years and still could not digest that? I really want to understand this. Please! Could you explain me why? how? I promise i will listen without prejudgments or any harsh feelings.

Another conversation happened at the same day. I went to fresh vegetable bazaar with a Turkish friend of mine. A man who heard our conversation start to talk with us in Turkish. After a small conversation, he told me that He has been to Zonguldak (a city in Turkey) where his roots from. He was complaining to me that he could not find the house his grandfather had back then. I was so sorry to hear it. I could not say anything. But after I was thinking over and over again I got angry. What are they expecting from us? Keeping all the houses that 100 years old and remain their memories and maybe one day they will come back? How about Ottoman houses in Greece? Which ones are kept? They destroyed almost everything that belongs to us or they left to collapse by themselves. And I believe this is not only in Greece.

Why does human being think only his pain is real? We did not suffer and pay for the same cruel history together. Same tears for same reasons... Why do we search for small grudge pieces from past and keeping them in precious part of our heart? Why don`t we start fresh and clear page with all these great common things we have?

What can i say... I believe in future generations.

Nationalism as the New Religion

MODERN nationalism, which has found its fullest expression in Italian fascism and German National Socialism, is the mortal enemy of every liberal thought. The complete elimination of all libertarian thought is for its advocates the first preliminary to the "awakening of the nation," whereby in Germany, most strangely, liberalism and Marxism are thrown into one pota fact which, however, need no longer surprise us when we know how violently the heralds of the Third Reich deal with facts, ideas and persons. That Marxism, like democracy and nationalism, proceeds in its fundamental ideas from a collective concept, namely from the class, and for this very reason can have no relationship with liberalism, does not trouble its pious Hitlerite opponents of today in the least.

Liberalism was the outcry of the human personality against the all-levelling endeavours of absolute rule, and later against the extreme centralism and blind belief in the state of Jacobinism and its various democratic offshoots. In this sense it was still conceived by Mill, Buckle and Spencer.

And there is morreeee

Peep shows are like theatre, Dutch court rules

Red light peep shows, in which women are paid by the minute to perform sex shows behind glass, are similar to theatre and thus classed as a cultural event, the Dutch high court ruled on Friday.

The ruling, which upholds an earlier lower court decision, means peep shows should now fall under the lower value added tax rate of 6 percent. Tax minister Jan Kees de Jager (Christian Democrats) had appealed against the earlier decision, saying peep shows have nothing to do with culture.

The original case was brought by a sex club owner who argued the shows were similar to theatre because they were attended by paying customers.
The high court ruled that the concepts of music and theatrical performance should be widely interpreted and the cultural level of the performance was not important, news agency ANP reported.

Last year, the advocate general appeared to support De Jager when he said peep shows could be artistic, but were not art and should be subjected to the normal 19 percent VAT rate.
The ruling does not mean that peep shows will get lower tax bills, however.
According to the finance ministry website, the government's 2008 tax plan has explicitly excluded peep shows from the lower VAT rate since January 2008 and the high court ruling will only affect cases which are under legal consideration.

Some interesting facts about the EU (1)

Official logo of the treaty of Lisbon.

Initially a Franco-German agreement which, after realizing that neither could create an evil empire alone got together to create one together, it has evolved into the Geographical entity that ends at the eastern border of Greece, but includes Cyprus and Kurdistan. (Don't ask me, I wasn't invited when they were drawing the borders.) Cultural entity based on Christianity and has millions of Muslim members in and out of the geographical borders. (I told you not to ask me, didn't I?) Economic entity whose borders aren't yet specified. Or, if you don't like the definition until now, an international conspiracy giving away free money in return for:

a) money
b) a perfect looking silk Gucci scarf

The European Union (born 1992, will die 2010), also known as Großdeutschland, is the most magnificent organisation that has ever been created. Despite efforts of the Welsh ruining the genetic pool with their presence, it still looks strikingly beautiful for its age, which it attributes to drinking 1.5 liters of pure arctic water per day. On 1st of July of 2008, EU has become the empire, ruled by a big country, France (They have cruel intensions, especially with Americans and Turkey...)
With a respectable acting career, four enterprises and creating the entire Western Civilisation, it is currently enjoying a well deserved holiday in Helsinki. The European Union is also famous for its 1980s hit "The Final Countdown". After witnessing the downfall of the British Empire, the European Union felt sorry and offered a rather nice villa in the Ardèche region.
Allegedly, the EU is currently dating Asia after ending a 60 year long marriage with the USA. The divorce was a quite a struggle and their children (Canada, Falkland Islands and the Freemasons) are under treatment with Dr Phil and Oprah.
The EU's biggest fear is the increasing influence of teh internets haunting innocent European minds.

Key Data

The capital of the European Union is Brussels, although others say that it is The Hague or Strasbourg. Initially, Frankfurt was considered, but its inhabitants are too ugly and no longer live there. In reality, Brussel Sprouts is the capital, and Luxembourg is technically its bitch...too small to see.
The national dish of the EU is the Döner Kebab (grilled pieces of Chinese beef rolled into falafel, a typical EU bread). The ambassador is Hitler Shwarzennegger.

The Flag

The flag of the Union personifies its devotion to human rights. 27 State members, 12 stars??? At least Hitler gave ALL the Jews a star!!!! It has a blue-ish color, because the contrast with yellow is striking, and can be seen all over Europe especially on dumpsters (*see Spain), and near the member countries` most popular bar (*see Romania).

end of part 1

Turkish nationalists furious

Nationalists react to intellectuals’ courageous apology
Turkey’s nationalists have been incensed about a group of Turkish intellectuals who recently apologized publicly for the “great disaster Ottoman Armenians suffered in 1915” in a country where even discussing Armenian claims of genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Empire can be cause for arrest.

The reaction to a petition initiated by a group of intellectuals, led by popular professors Baskın Oran and Ahmet İnsel and journalists Ali Bayramoğlu and Cengiz Aktar, personally apologizing for the forced deportation of Armenians from their homes in the Turkish heartland in 1915, has shown yet again how courageous one must be to publicly announce his or her unorthodox opinions in Turkey, particularly if those opinions contradict the official ideology.

And there is morreeee

Traffic lights in Istanbul

Istanbul - Only in Turkey - Traffic is a survival of the fittest as it is, so no need to have technology 'help' a hand to the chaos.
Picture made by Max. See also Blogroll on this site: Max's Istanbul Trials.

Day Opening - December 6

Golden Gate Bridge (from atop)