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Some interesting facts about Cyprus (4) the final

Since the friendly Ottomans stepped foot on the island; Cyprus is protected by the famous Bozkurt Turks.

The public schools in Cyprus embed the idea that Turks, American and the English are the worst people in the world and that the motherland Greece is perfect, into small Cypriot children. Once these kids grow up they take all the British exams and go to England to get a "good" education. The Church rules the whole island. They build large expensive churches with money from the common Cypriot, and then take more money form the stupid Cypriots that actually go to church. The coffee shops, so called kafenia also rule the island because no Cypriot can go without his/hers frappe or metrio. Which is Turkish coffee, but because the Cypriots are so much better than everyone they insist that they invented the Turkish coffee.
Cyprus Military

The Cyprus Armed Forces (National Guard)is universal to all, except: ethnic minorities, religious minorities, sexual minorities, medical minorities, plants, animals, transitional metals and women; It has over 1 troop, half a Fighter Jet, two grenades and a bunch of short range (fires up to 10 meters) missiles it purchased from Russia (URS-300) (which are actually stationed in Greece). This way, if the Turkeys, (whose standing army alone amounts to Cyprus's total population) actually come to finish off the job, Cypriots can surprise them and then of course claim their unrightful Hellenic Lands. (Note: Cyprus´ foreign policy plans include vetoing Turkey´s EU bid, and then closing it down and opening a Doner shop). Futhermore, the Cypriot army offers a variety of careers available for those that love danger. So, if you are brave enough you can serve the army as an EPY ( epeidi peinw, ypiretw - cause i'm hungry i serve ). EPYs have created quite a myth for their name over the years. It is said that the very first EPY was Chuck Norris himself, giving EPYs another reason to be proud. They are usually found near warehouses and gas stations arguing and shouting about "CHEEEEEEESE", the national guard's traditional work.
Cypriot Women
Cypriot women are natural blondes and posess an average hip circumference of about 9876 km. Famous for their intelligence these ladies claim to be able to both talk at their pink Prada mobile while having their nails done. Usual nail colour especially for toe nails include patron orange that is luminescent in the dark and bloody red. Their interests include burying (=talking trash about) other superior Cypriot women, fasting, visiting the hairdresser, visiting bodyline and gyms, liposuction and gossipping.
Cypriot Men
It is very trendy for men in Cyprus to follow the 'antras o varys' style. This involves having your shirt open up to your belly button and rocking a paterimin. ( pls do not try this at home if you are not the proud owner of a hairy bush-type chest). Another popular accessory to get this style is a 19 ft blonde girl of Russian /Ukrainian or Moldavian origin, but before that you have to live with your mum until you are forty years old, and use her 5 star laundry service as much as possible. Then come the Russian girls.

Sarah playing the saxophone

Sara, perhaps the most talented walrus ever to grace a Turkish zoo, performs a saxophone recital at the Dophinarium in Istanbul on Dec. 4, 2008.

Pepsi cola advertising: Dare for More

'The Surfer'

'The Climber'

'The Boarder'
The motifs of these ads are inspired by the famous Pepsi-Logo in red, white and blue and show adventurous pictures. They´ve just won the Grand Prix at the Epica Awards.
Agency: BBDO Germany.

Is it finally over? European court on headscarf ban

On 10 November 2005 the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (‘Court’) decided the long-running headscarf battle between Muslim students and Turkish universities in the Sahin judgment. On appeal, it held that the prohibition against wearing headscarves on university premises did not violate Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights (‘Convention’) on freedom of thought, conscience and religion. It thereby confirmed the decision of the Fourth Section of the Court of 29 June 2004.

Today, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that the expulsion of two female students from a French school for refusing to remove their headscarves does not violate their basic rights. The Court cited its rulings in the Leyla Sahin vs Turkey and the Welfare Party vs Turkey cases.

Two Turkish girls were expelled from school in France after refusing to remove their headscarves to participate in their gym lesson.
The girls had responded to the expulsion decision by applying to a Strasbourg-based court claiming their rights have been violated.

In the Sahin case, the court handed down a similar decision saying the headscarf ban at universities did not violate basic human rights, while in the Welfare Party case ruling, it said states could take measures, including political party closures, to protect democracy and secularism

"The court also reiterates that the state may limit the freedom to manifest a religion, for example by wearing an Islamic headscarf, if the exercise of that freedom clashes with the aim of protecting the rights and freedoms of others, public order and public safety," the ECHR said in its ruling in the case of Dogru vs France.

The applicant, Belgin Dogru, a Muslim aged eleven at the time of the incident, wore a headscarf to school. On several occasions, Dogru attended her physical education and sports classes wearing a headscarf and refused repeated requests by her teacher to teacher to remove it because it was said to be incompatible with the physical education lesson.
Dogru was expelled from school for breaching the duty of assiduity by failing to participate actively in physical education and sports classes.
She later applied to the ECHR alleging the expulsion violated her right to religious freedom as well as her right to an education as guaranteed by Article 9 of the Convention and Article 2 of Protocol No. 1.

Some interesting facts about Iran (1)

The Jews have a profound love for Mr. Ahmadinejaad

“I'm not a fucking Arab like your cousins you Jew”
~ Iranians in general

“Is it too late to blame the Jews?”
~ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on any problem in Iran

“Is it ever too late to blame the Jews?”

~ Common historical opinion / second part of above phrase, usually shouted by the masses.

“HOMOSEXUALS? We don't need no stinkin' homosexuals!”
~ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Homosexuals

Iran is the superset of the superpowers in the world, or so claims their president. Everyone else would like to know where to get crack as good as the shit Mr. Ahmanineenaenajaadd[sic] got. If the United States of America runs out of people to blow up, Iran is next on the list.


There are much signs of education in Iran, however, most of the Supreme Leaders are illiterate.
There are very few subjects taught at school, therefore the few that are taught are learned by the students to new extremes. Subjects taught can be categorized in the following fields: atomic energy, nuclear physics, projectiles and particle dynamics, warfare and Israel-bashing . All other subjects are related one way or another to those mentioned in the specified categories.
Iranian women currently are occupying more than 60% seats of the universities. But that is due to 'attached dildo policy' of regime particularly after revolution.

Twentieth Century History

In 1905 Reza Shah Pahlavi (aka. Khoda Beyamorzi) was forced by a broad coalition of clerics, bazaar merchants, and students to introduce broad reforms. Eventually, he buckled, and a new constitution was drafted. For some reason, it was modeled after the constitution of Belgium. This all changed, however, when in 1951 Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh led a democratic coup against the shah. After taking power, Mossadegh led a campaign of nationalistic reforms which culminating in the nationalization of the Anglo Iranian oil company. Great Britain, which naturally had more claim to Iranian oil than Iran, convinced the US government that Mossadegh was a communist and therefore needed to be replaced with a more suitable nationalist.

The Ayatollah after his 1979 resurrection by the Devil.

Meanwhile, after being resurrected by the Devil himself, The Ayatollah, formerly known as Saruman the lord of Isengard, was given his new title (the Ayatollah) by the Devil, and was instructed to lead an evil revolution in Iran which resulted in millions fleeing the country. After a decade or so of evil doings in Iran, the Ayatollah was called back to the depths of hell by the Devil once again as he was creating too much competition for the Devil; He was quite frankly making the Devil look bad (less evil actually) by comparison.

In 1980, Iran went to war with Iraq, insisting that disgruntled employee Saddam 'Da Man' Hussein had changed the region's name from Iran to Iraq in order to steal some sand by pretending it was a whole other country. Eight years later, several million teenagers were dead, and no one had conquered the sand. The UN declared the sand the winner. This event was recently repeated by US and British forces attempting to steal the same expanse of sand, but the granulated earth has proved too resolute in the face of conflict.

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