Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Turkish-Dutch banking cooperation

The European Commissioner Neelie Kroes (for competition) gave her approval that French BNP Paribas can take over the Belgium and Luxembourg part of Fortis where Turkish Fortis is part of.
Some re branding has to be done since Fortis got an unreliable name after buying Dutch banking giant ABN AMRO bank last year which leads to the bail out of both banks by the Dutch, Belgium and Luxembourg governments.
Fortis the Netherlands and ABN AMRO bank will merge under the supervision of the former Dutch minister of Finance, G. Zalm. ABN AMRO bank is already active on the Turkish market. A new merger will strengten their position in Turkey.

Dutch ING, one of the largest financial institutions worldwide, which acquires Turkish OYAK bank late last year, is aiming to open 19 new branches in Turkey by the end of this year reports the Dutch Financial Daily today.
This will bring the total of ING banking offices in the country to 381.
ING announced in July that it plans to open 150 new branches in total in the coming three years, says the paper.

Dutch Rabobank, the only bank worldwide which has triple A star, will be active on the Turkish market despiter their failure to buy Turkish Sekerbank.
Turkey's Sekerbank initiated partnership discussions with foreign investors during 2005 and 2006. In June 2006 the Bank's two pension funds signed an agreement with TuranAlem Securities ("TAS") of Kazakhstan, a fully owned subsidiary of BTA Bank for the sale of 33,98% of the Bank’s shares. This partnership was successfully concluded in March 2007. BTA is financial supported by the Dutch Investment bank.

Note: Neelie Kroes is a Dutch Commissioner of the EU.

Note: The Netherlands invested between 2006 and 2007 appr 8 billion Euros in Turkey and 525 Dutch companies entered the Turkish market.


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Real Madrid become Dutch

Spanish club Real Madrid bought yesterday the Ajax striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, nicknamed The Hunter, with the hope to boost its national and international fortunes.

Huntelaar, who will probably make his debut at Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu's stadium on January 4, 2009, will be the sixth Dutch player at Real Madrid. Since July 2006, the club has bought Ruud van Nistelrooy (15 million euros), Wesley Sneijder (27 million euros), Rafael van der Vaart (15 million euros), Arjen Robben (36 million euros) and Royston Drenthe (14 million euros).

The Ajax striker will leave the Amsterdam football club under a €27m transfer deal agreed on Tuesday evening. Total amound of money paid for the 6 Dutch players is 134 million Euros.
Huntelaar's football talent is coupled with intelligence. He completed his secondary school studies with ease but dropped out of the pre-university stream because he did not have enough time. For a while at Heerenveen, he studied Spanish (which he will not need with 5 Dutch players around him)and is also interested in art.
In April, Real Madrid's coach Bernd Schuster called Huntelaar a clone of his own coach – the former star striker Marco van Basten who is now in charge at Ajax.

Turkey rules the world...

Do I have to take the following serious or aux serious?
I rather would say: 'take route 66', in good Dutch: 'don't take yourself too serious, you Turkish prosecutors and judges'.

Ankara's public prosecutor initiated an investigation Monday into derogatory remarks purportedly made about the founder of modern Turkey, Ataturk by the academic Dr. Ronald Münch from the University of Bremen for insulting Mustafa Kemal Atatürk during a speech at the European Parliament in Brussels on Nov. 13. Read more here.

As scores of Web sites, including YouTube, remain blocked in Turkey, the New York Times has revealed the behind the scenes story of the YouTube ban within Google that owns the Web site.
After a video was taken down which insulted Ataturk, Turkish prosecutors objected to dozens of other YouTube videos they claimed insulted either Atatürk or Turkishness. After having many of the videos translated into English, Nicole Wong, the deputy general counsel of Google and her colleagues set out to determine which ones were, in fact, illegal in Turkey and which would be a violation of YouTube's terms of service that prohibit speeches of hatred but allow political speech; and which constituted expression Google and YouTube would try to protect.
After a fierce internal debate Wong, had to play mediator, decided that Google, by using a technique called IP blocking, would prevent access to videos that clearly violated Turkish law, but only in Turkey. For a time, this solution seemed to work for the Turkish judges, who reopened access to YouTube. But last June a Turkish prosecutor made a demand that Google block access to the offending videos all over the world, to protect the rights and sensitivities of Turks living outside the country. Google refused, arguing that one nation's government should not be able to set limits of speech for Internet users worldwide. As a result Youtube has remained blocked in Turkey. Read more here.

Day Opening - December 3

Johannes LOOFF engraver
active 1627-51Salver 1618silver,
parcel-gilt 30.8 cm diameter
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

This gilded silver salver was known as an Achtpuntschotel (octagonal plate), because of the characteristic eight-sided border. Originally only the border was decorated with representations derived from sixteenth-century prints. In 1631 the Middelburg silversmith Johannes Looff (d. 1651) engraved the centre of the salver in a contemporary style, with a scene from a particular biblical story that was often chosen to decorate objects presented to celebrate the birth of a child.