Monday, November 24, 2008

Artist-Designed Credit Cards

Credit crunch? No problem--at least, that’s what Japanese bank Epos International thinks. Available through October 2009, these specially-commissioned Visa cards showcase the work of a hundred artists. There is a limit of 1,000 cards in each design available.

The project is a collaboration between Epos International, the venerable Japanese fashion store Marui Co. and design company Bleed. Designs range from graffiti to anime to, well, you name it. The one that looks like a chocolate bar is pretty clever.

Some interesting facts about Turkey (2)

Problems With the E.U.

The nonexistence of Turkey is becoming an increasing problem in Europe, as several mysterious letters from some imaginary construct calling itself the Turkish Foreign Ministry have been showing up in Brussels. When Turkey won Eurovision the people of Turkey rejoiced thinking they had won EU assession, not so embarrassingly. Sertab the singer at Eurovision thought that she had been chosen as the Queen of Europe.

On the contrary some skeptics believe that the Turkish laborers are over-skilled and will assume all the major positions in other E.U countries as well as poisoning the Europeans with the Kebab. The Turkeys in such a case will flock to pastures anew no longer needing Europe and they shall spread their wings and fly over to conquer the Americas.
At this point the EU is debating of emptying the complete Turkish country into Holland and Germany and transplanting the Dutch and the Germans to Turkey to make it wealthy and run like clock work before giving it back to the Turkish people. They decided against transplanting the Turkish people to the UK as the English could see Christmas coming very early as the population of turkeys will explode and will eat all of the turks before Christmas.

Relationships with Other Countries


Great Britain - They come to us for great holiday packages.
Russians - Turkish males' favourite nation.
Germany - We go there for a job and forget to come back home, however we do pop back home to say Hi after 9 Years when the German government finds we are illegal.


Greeks - Natural enemies
Armenians - Unnatural enemies
Communists - Unreasonable enemies
Kurds - enemies who live in our country
French People - our newest enemies
Americans - enemies because they don't give us money
Iranians - enemies because Iranian women wear black clothes
Chinese - They kicked our ass 1000 years ago
Cubans - Che Guevara is our enemy. We don't know why.
Germans - They didn't send us steel in World War One.
Jamaicans - Bob Marley smokes marijuana
English - English suck
Italians - They killed Mussolini
Arabians - People think Turks are same with Arabians; we aren't.
Orcs - They look very horrible
Jews - They are enemies because they are Jew.
Russians - enemies because they're communist.
Dominicans - enemies because we don't know where their country is
Scandinavian Nations - enemies because their girls are more beautiful than ours
Japanese People - enemies because of Sony Corporation
Rest of the world - enemies because they're not Turk! However we slightly like the Japanese.
Gay Males - enemies because they are not heterosexual males
Heterosexual Males - enemies because they're competing with each other for girls!
Turkish Cypriots - enemies because they're not Turkish enough!
Turks - We have a hatred for each other

Day opening - November 24

Slovakia - picture made by Michal Zaleski