Friday, November 21, 2008

New York, New York!

There are some cities you feel like you have been there before. There are some cities your feelings are indescribable. And there are other cities you are disappointed. New York is a one of a kind that you feel all 3 of them together and including this one: you are feeling that you are inside an American movie J

I know you are wondering about “disappointment” word. I was thinking there how many movies we have seen that New York in it? I don’t know the exact number but A LOT. After so many movies and brain washing about New York (or Manhattan), you expect amazing city with beautiful women wearing fashion clothes or seeing Sex and The City cast having a naughty chat in a coffee shop. Well, unfortunately not. Life is very stressful there as many metropolitan cities and people are running for catching things. I believe that only the tourists are enjoying the expensive city :) Broadway shows, the view of Empire State Building, boat tour around the Manhattan in the night, Museums (thanks to other cultures for historical materials), walking in the Soho or Central Park in a nice and sunny weekly day and so on…

To be continued …

The USA and Crime

“The US is actually better described as the world's cage match. Many religions come in, only one comes out!”

~ Cindy Satire on America

America's crime rates are very low - the States rank second in North America (north of the Mexican border). These rates, exemplary to the rest of the developed world, are thanks to America's level of personal safety, which is guaranteed by every citizen owning one or more guns. Therefore, the safest place in the USA is Texas. Detroit is also the safest city in America.
An alternative theory has been suggested by crazy scientists that had been drinking too much night. The theory states that: By creating laws, you create criminals, so by removing laws, you eliminate criminals. Therefore there is such a great opposition to gun control, as it will make everyone who owns a gun a criminal. However, this theory has been dismissed as being a freedom conspiracy to make the rest of the world look better.
American crime is very different from other nations, in that their are many different organized gangs that control the provincial lands. The Vice Lords, the 18th Street Gang, the Costra Nostra, the Jackson 5 and the Butthole Banditos are among the most powerful. These gangs are fiercely territorial and engage in such illicit activities such as armed robbery, extortion, voting, backyard liposuctions and manufacturing illegal sugarbabies. They control a vast majority of local governments through the sale of LSD and key lime pie.
The current president George W. Bush is expected to be sentenced to 798 years in a high-security prison shortly after his presidency is over.

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