Monday, October 20, 2008

Money tree, here please!

This morning in a random kiosk. Headers screaming out loud about the financial crisis. ‘Back: Marxism, governmental support and disobedience towards the parliament.’ ‘ING’s share value increase after government support.’ Although the media is screaming it out loud, I couldn’t find one magazine nor newspaper this morning that answers a burning question I have already for weeks now: where does all this money come from?

Before Fortis and ING asked for support, the government seemed to be on a tight budget. A couple of millions for education, but no more. And some millions we set apart for health care. But we cannot afford sufficient materials for the soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq right now. But banks show up and tons of money is magically available. It started with Fortis that has been nationalised for 16.8 milliard euros (22.5 billion dollars) and now 10 milliard euros (13.4 billion dollars) for ING.

Of course this is necessary. Millions of people have money with these banks; if these banks would go bankrupt it would be a national crisis. But isn’t the Dutch government heading for bankruptcy? Printing extra money can’t be the extra money input. Maybe the banks are helped with money lend from other countries. But aren't they taking care of themselves right now?

I’m still a student so I haven’t got great expertise regarding this whole financial debacle. So far so good, but I start to worry a bit. When the Dutch government goes down, I’ll be taken down with it. Eventually it will affect the whole society and therefore also students like me, who are depending on a loan provided by the state. So: who knows where I can find this money hanging ripe on a tree, please tell me. Until that moment I keep searching.

Finally: AK parti's True colors...?

In a bizarre move, to lower the minimum age for marriage from 15 to 14 and the penal time for sexual harassment from seven years to one are currently under consideration at the Justice Ministry. That puts, if accepted, Turkey on one line with Iran, Brunei, Afghanistan, Sudan and other rocky states.
The fact that even this proposal is been done is to absurd for words.
Jenny White wrote about this last week.
A country with such a bad human, minority, women, child rights is considering to take some human (yes, women and children are human as well) rights away...what's next?


Children not charged after mother chooses to die

A campaigner for voluntary euthanasia is being prosecuted for helping an 80-year-old woman with Parkinson’s disease commit suicide. Her son, who was with her when she died, will not face charges. The case highlights some of the way the Netherlands' euthanasia law is being tested.

On 24 November 2007, Co de Jong, who had been suffering from Parkinson's for fifteen years, drank a lethal potion and fell asleep peacefully within five minutes. She wanted to end what she felt was a hopeless and degrading life. Her son Kor de Jong and Gerard S., chairman of pro-euthanasia foundation SVL, were present.

A short time later the police arrived at the nursing home where Co de Jong had been living since 2003. They arrested her son and his wife, his two sisters and Gerard S. “You are treated like a criminal. You have to take off your glasses, the laces out of your shoes,” says De Jong, who spent two days in a police cell. He was astonished when he heard that he might be charged with premeditated murder. “This can't be happening,” he thought.

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