Saturday, October 18, 2008

Webpage tip

So much is found on the internet.

A beautiful site is this one. Do you want to know what dumpsterdiving is? Just watch the documentary. Take your time and enjoy the wide range of creativity. From short thrillermovies to a tribute to the first love.

Obama - McCain: the race is not over yet...

I'm not so confident anymore that Obama will win the elections, although he still has a significant lead. It takes two more weeks of intense campaigning to get 'The Toxic Texan' out the White House.
Encouraging; more newspapers are endorsing the Obama-Biden ticket, often with the reference, "McCain chose a vice presidential candidate who is so clearly unqualified for high office that the thought of her stepping into the presidency is frightening".
Lets see what happens next week. More mud throwing by the Republicans?

Justice: when cleaners earn more money than the polluters

McCain thought he found the ideal average US citizen in Joe the Plumber until journalists started to dig in Joe’s background and history. Turns out that Joe is unsuitable for this whole political circus because he has some problems with his taxes and plumbing licences and therefore he isn’t the perfect, hard working man McCain was aiming for.

But in reality Joe the Plumber is thé perfect example. Maybe not in the Barbie and Ken land of the president candidates, for them it’s a far-from-their-bed-show. They have millions, no, billions of dollars to spend on their campaign at this very moment. A whole army working for them to make sure that they have the chances to win. But the average citizen like Joe doesn’t have a whole army working for him, nor millions of dollars to spend. He has to survive alone or with his family and from a normal income. An income that doesn’t cover the mortgage anymore. That can’t provide his children with proper food because snacks are cheaper than fruits and vegetables. A salary that puts his live at stake because he can’t afford to spend more than half of his income on basic health insurance. “Oh, and that doesn’t cover your dentist Sir.”

Health insurance is an issue in the campaign of both Barack Obama and John McCain, but it seems more to win votes than a subject that fits in their plastic world. In fact it is surrealistic to realise that forty-seven million American residents have no health insurance at all, that millions of Americans are inadequately insured or facing this problem because they simply can’t afford the contribution anymore.

But it finally hit me today after seeing a probing documentary about free medical help offered by the Remote Area Control (RAM). An organisation that was founded to offer help in third world countries but now offers medical help to many ‘Joe’s’ in the United States. It is still very surreal and will be until the day that a president uses its campaign money to help all the Joe’s in America instead of using it for gaining popularity with woolly promises.

Note: the documentary has a Dutch voice over, but is mainly in English.

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