Tuesday, October 7, 2008

There we go again...

Yes, I promised myself a couple of days ago not to write that much anymore, on this blog, about Turkish politics, but I cannot stop myself. I certainly understand the feelings of many Turkish people in this country, but I don’t understand the mass hysteria which makes no sense. The terrorist PKK attacked the TSK (Turkish army) badly, and the TSK is in a dirty and bitter war with the PKK. That already some Turkish media outlets starting pogroms against Kurds is disgusting, and that it’s legitimate to kill a Kurd because he is a Kurd makes me sick. Remember the pogroms in 1955. Who’s next? Hope that common sense will prevail before it’s to late. Last week, before the deathly attack already Turkish mobs were provoking and attacking Kurds. And how many Turks are replaced compared with Kurdish ones?
Here a good article of M.A., one of the few who keeps his head cool.

Projection USA election 2008


Jerome Corsi: a vile smear peddler

A leading American neo-conservative author, Jerome Corsi, has been detained by immigration authorities in Kenya as he tried to launch a book smearing Barack Obama.
Jerome Corsi, of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth fame, was this morning being held after failing to reckon with Obamamania.
He is conspiracy theorist and wrote two New York Times #1 bestselling books The Obama Nation and Unfit for Command (with co-author John O'Neill). Both books, the former written in 2004 and the latter in 2008, attack Democratic presidential candidates and have received much criticism, including allegations of serious factual errors
He had been planning to launch his book, The Obama Nation in Kenya as well.
But officers swooped hours after Dr Corsi was described as "author of a smear crusade" by local newspapers.
Make your own judgement how neo-cons in the USA are so desperate that they even bring their campaign to Kenya where Obama his half brother George lives.
He has been deported one hr ago.

Only in Iran; a car special designed for women...

This morning I had a good laugh. I know that gender separation officially is encouraged by Iran's Islamic authorities. For example:
- last year they backed a proposal for a female bicycle designed to conceal the rider's legs and upper body.
- Women are discouraged from cycling, mainly to preserve notions of female modesty...
- Women are banned from riding motorcycles, except as passengers.
- There is women-only taxi service, with women drivers, recently launched in Tehran and other big cities.
- Men and women are segregated in buses and on Tehran's underground.

But now something else:

Iran's biggest motor manufacturer, Kodro, is to take the country's 'gender sensitivity' to new levels by producing a car specially for women!

It will be fitted with features common on the international market but seen as 'female-specific' in Iran's male-dominated culture. These include an automatic gearbox, electronic parking aids, a navigation system and a jack designed to make it easier to change a wheel, suggesting that 'women drivers lack the mechanical competence of their male counterparts'. Alarms may also be installed to warn of flat tyres...
The vehicle will be painted in soft "feminine" colours and include interior designs tailored to women's tastes. There will also be audiovisual entertainment systems for child passengers..)

"Women's necessities are different from men's," said Vahid Najafi, the managing director of the company. "For example, a woman goes shopping, takes children to school - so this car is going to have some visual distinctions that will separate it from other cars. It will be more beautiful. Cheerful and attractive colours will be used - for example red. A series of decoration pieces will be added to the interior, on the dashboard for example. What's important for women is that the car should be comfortable and handle well....))"

I am curious now if a man can buy a 'femine' car?

And now this:
Iran Khodro last year announced plans for an Islamic car - with a navigation system designed to locate Mecca - to be produced jointly with Malaysia and......... Turkey.

Major acquisition for Dutch Rijksmuseum

View of the 'Gouden Bocht', the richest part of the Herengracht in Amsterdam by Gerrit Berckheyde.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has acquired a cityscape by Gerrit Berckheyde (1638-1698) for 1.5 million euros.

The painting, dated 1671, depicts the so-called Golden Bend, the most prestigious section of the Herengracht canal in Amsterdam, shortly after it was constructed. The acquisition was possible thanks to a donation from multinational energy company Royal Dutch Shell.
Shell made a donation to the museum 18 months ago on condition that it would be spent on a Dutch work of art that would be on permanent display at the national museum. "It was a tough search, because we have many such works of art already," Rijksmuseum director Wim Pijbes said in a statement.
The painting shows Amsterdam at the height of its power as one of the world’s leading financial centres in the late-17th century.

"This painting makes us very happy because the Amsterdam canals are about to be listed as a Unesco world heritage site," a hopeful Pijbes said. The picture was bought from a private collector last week.

According to Pijbes, the new acquisition is “one of the most beautiful" cityscapes by Berckheyde, more so than another painting of the Golden Bend which the museum has owned since 1980.

The new acquisition will first go on display in The Hague where it will be on loan to the Mauritshuis museum from later this month. A permanent place in the Rijksmuseum will be assigned for the painting after the museum’s renovations are completed.

Once Upon a time in Zaragoza



Yesterday in Zaragoza...still alive!

Baskın Oran Receives Another Threat From The Turkish Revenge Brigade

Prof. Dr. Baskın Oran, one of the leading figures in defense of the minority and cultural rights in Turkey, has received another threat mail from the Turkish Revenge Brigade.
There's more. Read here.

Day Opening - October 7

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