Sunday, September 28, 2008

When Sarah Palin Pitbull talks..

...she looks like this...
Here 'in conversation' with Alvaro Uribe (R), President of Colombia, 3 days ago.

Trouble in Paradise?

GAZA, Sept 26 (Reuters) - A pro-al Qaeda Palestinian group vowed on Friday to avenge the deaths of nine of its members in clashes with Hamas police earlier this month, unless the Islamist group declares an Islamic state in the Gaza Strip.

Jaysh al-Islam, or the Army of Islam, said nine members were killed in clashes with Hamas policemen on Sept. 16 when the Islamist rulers of the Gaza Strip raided the compound of the militant Doghmosh clan.
"Revenge is a right that must be fulfilled," the Army of Islam said in a statement.
Picture above is made last Friday in Indonesia; Muslim women rallied outside the US embassy in Jakarta to mark Al Quds Day.
Al Quds Day is held on the fourth Friday of Ramadan and is being observed to show support for Palestinians in 'Occupied' Jerusalem. Do you feel the Love? Do you feel it...

The F..k you umbrella

This F*ck the Rain Umbrella is perfect for those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed only to discover that, to make matters worse, the rain is pouring down outside.
Guaranteed to get your mood across, the F*ck the Rain Umbrella is the latest clever design from Art.Lebedev.
This umbrella is the ultimate complaint to the weather gods, or perhaps just something to wave about at the passing traffic to let them know how crappy you are feeling as well.

Barack Obama Cleans Up on John McCain

Last night was the big first debate between the Democratic and Republican Presidential Candidates. So what happened?

Many predicted that Obama would win hands down on the economy, but the CBS polls showed an overwhelming 66% of uncommitted voters believe Obama knows how to change the economy for the better and only 42% for McCain. Ouch!

The CNN polls showed similar numbers with 51% regarding Obama as the clear winner of round one and 52% thought the direction of Iraq would best be directed by Obama.

You can watch the entire debate or portions thereof: The first part addressed Iraq and the taxpayer bailout for corporate America; part two continued the same on security of the country and its financial solvency, and finally, part three examined issues about Iran, Russia and relations with other countries.

One of my favorite commentators, Roland Martin, weighed in on what he thought the candidates didn't say and what's on the minds of many people.
Arab News, on the other hand, gave a different perspective about who fared better during each part of the debate.
Huffington Post, usually decidedly Republican, also wrote about aspects of the two candidates' dialogue.

Of course, in the end, each party came out saying that their candidate won and show the presidential promise. Do the stats support the claims?

I have to wonder why Americans would want McCain, a known Bush backer, who would be the oldest president, if elected, and there's a pretty good chance he won't last one term since he's had health problems for many years and looks mighty peaked most of the time. And who would take over? An inexperienced Palin who needs McCain to broker deals for her.

You decide and let us know your decision about who's winning and who will.

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