Friday, September 26, 2008

You can marry a nine-year-old girl! A new fatwa...

Sheik Mohammed Ben Abderahman al-Maghraoui in Morocco, had issued the fatwa on his Web site, arguing it was lawful for a Muslimman to wed a nine-year-old girl because Islam's Prophet Mohammed had done so.
Local media in Morocco have reported that authorities have ordered the closing of 60 schools and a Website run by a Muslim religious leader who argued that girls as young as nine could marry.

At least three dozen Koranic schools are to be shut, local media quoted government officials as saying. The Al-AhdathAl-Maghribiya newspaper also said an official from Morocco's Religion Ministry was fired in the southern town of Marrakesh for not catching the contentious fatwa, or religious ruling.
Sheikh Maghraoui derided criticism of his claims as “part of a secular attack against the Islamic nation and its theologians”.
Shall we castrate them all, or let them practice their religion believes?
Below this article some amazing reactions.

'The US is working on the wrong solution'

An interesting article by Sweder van Wijnbergen, a professor in economics at the University of Amsterdam.
Read it herrreee

The Obama - McCain debate; the first real test

It’s still not clear if the debate as planned will go on with both McCain and Obama there. McCain is saying that he only will be there as the problems with the 700 billion USD Bailout package is solved. In the meanwhile he became part of the problem to find a solution. A nice but cheap tactic not to go in debate with Obama. The latter already said that he will be there anyway, with 3.000 journalists. I hope that the debate goes on as planned: you will see an energetic Obama, ready to answer all kind of questions and McCain? I’ve my doubts.

Note: McCain just announced at midday Washington time, that he will be participant in the debate.

Mektubun Gül Kurusu - Your Letter is a Dry Rose

Mektubun Gül Kurusu

kokuna eklenmiş bir orman
peşinden gidiyor sekerek
karanlık… rengi solmuş bir
tabanca patlıyor yüzümde
tuttuğum kâğıt sağır
yazın bulanık.

dokunurdum, papatyalar
açardı ensende. Kilit.
gündüz vakti gelemediğim
yukarı mahalle aklın
gece olur siyahıma kaçardı.
boynundan aşağı suya giden
sevinçti ellerim, telâştı,
kırık şimdi testilerim.

seni süsledim
dikenini sevdiğim
ne çok, ne çok, çok. hem de çok
işledim çemberime
iğne iğne çizdiğim
kalbim delik, derim dağınık.

Nurduran Duman
() ()
Your Letter is a Dry Rose

A forest attached to your scent
comes after you by hopping
the darkness…a faded pistol
Cracks at my face
the paper I hold is deaf
your writing is blurred

I would touch, the daisies would
bloom at the back of your neck. The lock.
your mind an uptown district

I couldn’t go in daytime
would slip into the black of mine
when it became the night.
my hands were joy, were excitement
on the way to fetch water below your neck
my amphorae are broken now.

I adorned you
the one whose thorn I loved
very much, very much, much, very much indeed

I overstated you on my head scarf
my heart I scratched with a needle
has a hole, my skin is messed up.
Nurduran Duman
Translated by Neslihan Akkar

Errasmus Award

The British-Dutch journalist and author Ian Buruma will receive the Erasmus Prize on November 7 from prince Willem-Alexander. The prize is worth €150,000.

Buruma was chosen because he embodies the ‘New Cosmopolitan’, this year's theme.

Buruma (57) has edited The Far Eastern Economic Review and The Spectator and is currently professor of democracy, human rights and journalism at the Bard College in New York.

Obama, The Transparent vs. McCain, The Fence Sitter

AARP, the premier American organization for people over 50 years old, accumulated thousands of questions from Americans all over the U.S. who wanted answers from the horse's mouth, our presidential candidates.

AARP asked the questions and stated their views, and then asked Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain to give their view. AARP also asked them whether or not they supported the AARP view or not.

If you check out the questions and answers, you'll see that McCain chose to sit on the fence, neither agreeing nor opposing every question and issue.

Conversely, Obama shows that he's not afraid to make a stand on what he believes. Obama made it clear if he supported or opposed the AARP view with only one question not marked as either supporting or opposing.

Not to eclipse the vice-presidential candidates on this road to The White House, on October 2nd, Obama's running mate Senator Joe Biden and Republican running mate Sarah Palin are scheduled for a debate.

What's the rub? Republican McCain would only agree to their debate if it was a formal, short question-answer format giving less chance for freedom to answer. Why? McCain and his advisers recognize that Palin's inexperience as a debater would leave her at a disadvantage against the orator Democrat Joe Biden.

Gee, I wonder who I'd prefer in The White House: Someone who can hold their own or someone who can't answer a question when asked?

Read about it on More Than a Sideshow.

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