Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dutch Parliament urged to get tough on Wilders

Geert Wilders, leader of the populist Dutch PVV, uses parliamentary debate to spew out blatant racism, in flagrant defiance of the normal standards in parliament. He has the right to free speech, but the parliamentary chairman has the right to call him to order if he oversteps the mark, says columnist Elsbeth Etty. Elsbeth Etty is a former member of the Dutch Communist Party.

Twenty-five years ago, the Dutch journalists union NVJ conducted an internal debate about the way immigrants were portrayed in the media. The most important recommendations made by the union’s working party were that religion, ethnicity, origin and nationality should only be mentioned when relevant and to avoid generalisations.

In 1989, NRC Handelsblad published a justice ministry report which showed that 33 percent of all young Moroccan men had “registered contact with the police”. Moroccan organisations said the article was “sensational” and “discriminatory”.

Now the bad behaviour of a group of Moroccan youths has hit the headlines again, and the question remains: is their background relevant or not. As in 1989, the answer is yes.
The string of incidents involving these young men has an undeniable social and cultural component and shows a pattern of behaviour which needs to be addressed. And the public's right to know is more important than any unintentional stigmatisation or discrimination.

Free speech

Yes, Wilders does have the right to free speech. But the chairwoman should make sure that what he says does not contravene the rules of parliament – those are the standards and values enshrined in Dutch democracy. And if Wilders does not want to uphold them, he should be removed from the debating chamber.

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Istanbul traffic Rules; New traffic signs as well?!

Today I had to skip one rendezvous due the fact that the city planners in Istanbul are building road exits which are too small leading to a too big business area, where too many cars wanted to go at the same time, blocking a three lanes road completely. When I passed the critical point (boiling) I saw some people screaming, others were using their fists, all in front of the Istanbul office of the MHP gang. And I was hopefully this morning that with the new traffic laws, if they pass the Yes Vote of both the CHP and MHP gangs, driving a simple car will be easier... I am already losing hope! Later I found myself in the midst of a gigantic construction site were dolmus after dolmus tried to cut me off. One was so aggressive that he tried to bump me, but my little car was to quick and he bumped another dolmus…and I, and female passenger were away, letting the macho’s (bad dressed) after us, although my female passenger – a very poetic talented writer – could not resist the show them The Middle Finger! The latter all found place between Uskudar and Harem (do not think about something exotic, more about something which is painful for the eyes). It’s now waiting on the Traffic police to enforce with military power the new laws, if accepted of course. And please, new signs as well!

Mr. "No" McCain NOT for Mainstream America

Presidential candidate McCain believes $6.55 is a livable wage for Americans. That's $262 per week before taxes for 40 hours. Shame! Shame! McCain voted 19 times against minimum wage increases. In Arizona, McCain's state, it's $6.90 per hour and Palin's Alaska is $7.15.

What's Illinois minimum wage where Barack Obama is senator? $7.75! Big difference, isn't it?

McCain voted four times against the child education act. No to Child Health Insurance and No to a Head Start funds increase. McCain talks the talks, but doesn't walk the walk. His record doesn't match his rhetoric.

So, is McCain for your family? No livable wage; No child care or after school care; No to child education and no to child insurance reauthorization.

McCain is against equal pay for equal work and says women should be more educated. I guess he doesn't understand the concept of equal pay for equal work.

And what does Palin think? She's more against women's rights than her running mate waving the flag against abortion on every count to include rape and incest. What's more Palin doesn't even agree with McCain on the climate change issues.

Palin believes we should adapt to climate changes instead of preventing further deterioration of our globe. She is so sure of herself that she has publicly challenged the near-consensus of scientists and their evidence that humans are the key factor in global warming.

I guess Palin's Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and beauty pageants qualifies her to challenge some of the greatest scientists in the world!

Vote Obama for a new face of America!

See what Obama stands for on all the issues. Then click on flyers and documents, then click on Issue Flyers, it will bring up a list of Available Assets you can download by topic.

A new happening

With the introduction of the non-smoking policy in the Dutch pubs and other public spaces, there is also an introduction of a new word: smirking.

Visitors of pubs, concerts and indoor train- and bus stations have to affront the upcoming cold weather to get their shot of nicotine. A good and safe reason to start a conversation with a stranger or to make a move towards someone interesting who is in the same position. Therefore the word smirking is a merge of the two words smoking and flirting. And a 'new' phenomenon has born.

And it's clearly visible, all the terraces are crowded with people and the Dutch are smirking in full speed.

(the word smirk already has a meaning: "A constant smirk upon the face, and a whiffling activity of the body, are strong indications of futility." According to Wikipedia or have a look at the smirking chimp, who else could that be than George W. Bush)

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