Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A way of stop smoking - 1

As kids take up smoking, it’s important that they know there are fun things to do with cigarettes as opposed to just becoming addicted to the nicotine. Children can release their artistic ability by designing their own cigarette packs, get a vitamin boost via a cigarette, and even enjoy a smoke in bed - as long as the have the cigarette dousing bib in place.
In case you didn’t already know, cigarettes will kill you.

1)For years Heupink and Bloemen Tobacco Company, Netherlands, has strived to change the otherwise generic taste and appearance of everybody’s favourite carcinogen. The Dutch company has rolled out a series of coloured and flavoured cigarettes, ranging from the chocolate flavoured Black Devils to the vanilla infused Pink Elephants.
With flavours and colours designed to meet all tastes, these cigarettes are sure to attract a whole new generation of smokers.

Taking on Darwin in Turkey

By Daniel Steinvorth in Istanbul

Fundamentalist Christians in America are not the only ones leading a crusade against Darwin. Creationism and "intelligent design" are becoming increasingly popular among Turkey's Muslims, too.

The man who wants to save the world goes by the name of Harun Yahya and resembles an actor from the age of silent films. He wears a white silk suit, gold cufflinks and has a finely trimmed beard on his chin. "In 20 years," he says in serious tone, "humanity will enter a golden age."

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Stand Up, Be Heard and Vote on November 4th

Have you recession-proofed your life? You better because here in North Carolina unemployment is at 6.9 percent compared to 6.1 percent nationally. These percentages can only be seen in America during recessions. Yes, recession has arrived, if you are in doubt.

Have you lost your life savings for your children's education or your retirement through one of the collapsed or bankrupt corporations? Check now to see if your life savings is insured by the FDIC. If not, find out how you can protect your money.

Unfortunately, Al Qaeda achieved their goal to start the demise of the America we once knew. Proof is in the present American recession combined with high unemployment and the collapse of the major mortgage and banking institutions.

What are you going to do about it? Has your voice been heard? Have you invested time to find out what the candidates have supported in the past and will continue to support to make a better America?

It's clear now that many of the Bush policies didn't work from supporting his cronies for large billion dollar war contracts to bailing out these multinational companies that stole the life savings of millions, yet CEOs kept their large salaries and bonuses. Do you know that McCain has continually supported Bush policies for the past eight years and still rarely disagrees with him?

What am I doing about it? I've become an active voice to elect Barack Obama. I'm voting for a big change; a change away from the old boys' network and national policies that include controlling the minds and pockets of other countries.

I support the candidate that has, in fact, lived as a middle-class American who made it through Harvard University Law School to be the first Black American president of the Harvard Law Review. I'm going with the guy that knows how grassroots organizations can build a new America.

We need to pay attention to the myriad of national problems and start to solve them.

Barack Obama is a new voice for the American people who'll change the face of an America that lost its way.

What are the issues you need to know about to intelligently support your candidate? Get a strategy for the reasons you'll vote for your candidate on November 4th and what's predicted to be the most hotly debated elections in our lifetime. Vote for Change!

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