Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A silly game: Erdogan versus Aydın Doğan

Let me explain first who these actors are:

Erdogan is the leader of the AK parti in Turkey and the PM of the current Turkish government.
Aydın Doğan is the boss and owner of the DMG (Dogan Media Group). Well-known for its populist stance.
The latter now accuse the PM of fraud e.g. money laundering in the benefits of his own party. Nothing new with this since Milli Gurus (an interesting article here) is active among the Dutch, German, Belgium and French Turkish societies. And most of the time with bad intentions.

So why this conflict? How can a PM, always under scrutiny, wants to attack his opponents? And why is the wannabee PR Guru of Turkey not handling this case that well? You can buy ads, but not PR. PR is like the Oder of someone, you can keep it healthy and/or clean up.

Regarding Erdogan: a street fighter without any hesitations to attack his critics.
Regarding A. Dogan: a self made millionaire whose thoughts are laws & news.

Conclusion: confusion. And I get bored by this simple game...


The holidays are over; the three months holiday for preliminary and high school students in Turkey ended yesterday (they teach you 8 1/2 months what you can forget in 3 months..).
Also on this blog it's good to see Eva back after her two months travel through Nepal and Christos after his two months business holiday in Greece!
Seda found after 2 years a job ın Greece and our Aussie born Greek Vassili will hopefully join us here soon again, like Bea who moved to Cary NC, USA.

In the meanwhile I added two new bloggers to Internations blog roll: Emre's Istanbulian (a promising journalist) and Elif, whom Ozlem and I had the pleasure to meet last week. She is a Turkish born opera singer, writer and filmmaker residing in LA. Check out her website as well.

Wish you all who are fasting a good Ramadan!

Later more!

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