Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Social networks world wide

The Netherlands counts relatively the most of members of social Internet sites. Hyves, Linkedln and MySpace are the most popular. Market research office Synovate published today on the basis of an international study under 13,000 of the communicated people between 18 and 65 years its report. In the Netherlands the membership percentage ends up on 49%. The United States has 40% only while the United Arab Emirates scores high with 46%. Canada situate for 44% while the world wide average stands on 26%.

The Armenian - Turkish football match

A lot is written already in the Turkish media and in the Turkish blogosphere about the upcoming world cup qualifying match between Armenia (still with a Dutch Coach?) and Turkey and if the Turkish president will accept the invitation of the Armenian President Serzh Sarksyan to watch the game together. But I could not find that much in the English Armenian press and blogosphere, only here a shot to discuss again the problematic relations. At least something.

In my opinion it will be in the interests of both countries if the Turkish President Gul accepts the invitation from his counterpart in Yerevan. At least a first step can be made by doing so. Your drive can not be made by hatred, denial, threats, terror, and exclusion to give some words which are flowing from one side to the other. Gestures, goodwill, trust, empathy, intuition and believe are the words which must replace the negative words.

But how will the (ultra)nationalist on both sides react when Gul sits next to the ROA President during the match? This morning I read that the CHP is against Gul accepting the invitation (always and always against any attempt of progress) and the leader of the Ultra Nationalist MHP Devlet Bahçeli has said Gül's visit would be a historic mistake that would ‘harm Turkey's national pride’. Explain the last five words to me?

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