Monday, September 1, 2008

New Commander-in-Chief?

Sen. John McCain announced Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate Friday, calling her his "The running mate'. I understand now why he choosed her: she love guns!
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And the mess continues...

I don't know if this 'mistake' was done on purpose, but it looks like the battle in Ankara continues. And it looks like that too many people are too sensitive in Turkey about too many issues, during too many events & celebrations etc. Is this sensitiveness related to 'Turkishness'?

Top judge in action to secure judiciary's place in protocol

This year's Victory Day celebrations sparked a new protocol debate in Ankara when the country's top judge publicly criticized the military after being assigned a back row seat during a Friday ceremony.

“It's a discriminatory attitude toward the judiciary,” Haşim Kılıç, president of the Constitutional Court, told reporters late Saturday while attending the reception for the new Chief of General Staff Gen. İlker Başbuğ's. Kılıç protested his treatment at both Friday's handover ceremony and Saturday's Victory Day parade.

“As the president of the Constitutional Court, I am number three on the state protocol list. I had to be seated right next to the PM,” Kılıç said.
“It's not personal,” Kılıç said. “It's an institutional demand. Legislation, execution and judiciary should stand right after the president.”

Shiny Olympics shouldn't disguise China's dark reality

China’s horrible domestic human rights track record, extremely dark and aggressive involvement in Africa and the dodgy backing of all possible dodgy countries of the world remain unshaken.

by Ziya MERAL

I still remember the inquisitive looks of the Chinese students who listened carefully to a presentation I gave on Turkey while I was doing a course at a university in central China. Following a few relatively legitimate questions, one postgraduate student left me answerless (if there is such a word in English). With confidence and a heavy accent he asked; “what are the Chinese influences in Turkey?”
This was some 7 years ago and there were hardly any Chinese present in Turkey, only a handful of odd Chinese restaurants in the big cities. When I explained that we did consume Chinese products, but that there is really no tangible Chinese influence or involvement in Turkey, his tone turned sharper and more aggressive. He said; “surely there are Chinese communities, towns, businessmen and Chinese government investments in Turkey.” And subjected me to a tiresome mini-lecture on Chinese civilization and what great inspiration it has been for people in the world. Having been almost beaten up by two drunk Chinese men the night before, who thought I was an American, I humbly accepted that China rules!

What the Olympics showed:

All throughout the Beijing 2008 Olympics, I kept thinking about that postgraduate student. What did he make of the Olympics? Or more importantly, what do the millions of educated and increasingly dangerous patriotic Chinese youth see the international legacy of the Beijing Olympics to be? Has the world bowed down in front of the raising Dragon? Has the Middle-Kingdom (literal translation of the Chinese word for China; Zhonguo) finally assumed the central position it has always thought itself to deserve? Yes and No, but mostly No!

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Naughty Carpentry - The 4Legs Chair

After Rotterdam-based Dutch designer Mario Philippona created his three-legged sexy table, he got many requests for an accompanying chair. That inspired him to create a his 4Legs Chair for a perfect ensemble or stand-alone piece of artsy, sexy furniture.

They are hand-made on order, for which Mario needs three months. The leather back can be tightened with a leather lace, the seat is padded with foam rubber. The leather can be reversed to give a choice of red or black. Other colors or wood species are also possible.
There offer free delivery throughout Europe.
The price: Just under Euro 8,000.- (approx US $ 12,000

Day opening - September 1

A famous French Kiss 2