Friday, August 29, 2008


I am tired; its already 5 weeks ago that we moved, but we are still not done yet, although we have planned a party tomorrow. In fact some fun! But two months in the heat of July and August moving is not recommended. I have some pictures made with my mobile uploaded, before the terrace was done. More pictures later.
Also tired of Turkish politics. Turkey sit with its ass on gold but is political to weak to turn all its possibilities in real prosperity and well being for its own people. The AK party is not my party, but the opposition parties are only simple driven by anti-AKP. Come up with some new good ideas. Most Turks who I know are tired of this political climate as well. But maybe used to it, therefore passive!
And top of bill the TSK made some statements as if they are political parties?! With some old rhetoric. Looks like that the TSK don't want to give up its privileges. Is this an EU candidate worthy? A Caucasus union is not an option for Turkey, so be carefully with EU perspectives.

Day opening - August 29

Obama after his nomination speech.
A clear, direct and above all an impressive speech.
Here the full text.