Monday, August 4, 2008

Fatalisme, defaitisme and Islam

Today's news that the relatives of the victims of the collapsed Boğaziçi dormitory in Konya province were saying 'Insjallah' shocked me. Is the life of a human being so easy replaceable?
One daughter died, we can make another one. Is this Allah's will? No, its a pure reactive culture and culture relativism behavior. People have to act responsible, and not saying that its God's will.
Below the article, but first some comments:

Will of Allah,' say uncomplaining relatives

Relatives of the victims have not sought accountability from those responsible. None of the relatives of the 18 dead and 29 injured have appealed to the courts against the culprits. “We have given 18 martyrs. On the face of one of our dead bodies was written ‘lailaheillallah' (there is no god but Allah) in Arabic. This is a miracle. We will not complain; this was the will of Allah,” said Ahmet Atayer, father of Şerife, one of the girls wounded in the disaster.

Balcılar Foundation chairman Göktaş said that they believed in destiny. “Will it make a difference if I cry? This is fate,” maintained Göktaş, whose daughter, Şerife, the fifth of his eleven daughters, was killed under the debris. Fatma, another daughter of Göktaş, was severely injured in the collapse.

' Impunity, negligence, fatalism'

And this scare Europeans, who are not xenophobic at all.


As Turkey is battling the Islamists, the Dutch Minister of Justice consider the 'Muslim marriage' as a new phenomena. 'We have to discus this new kind of marriages', and he, Ernesto Hirsi Ballin doesn't want to fine the illegal Islam marriages in the Netherlands.
As by the Dutch constitution an illegal marriage (outside the constitution) like a 'halal marriage' can not be considered as a marriage. The performing 'preacher, imam etc', must pay the fine of 3.340 Euros. But....not anymore as of today.
And since the same minister announced that import brides from e.g. Turkey don't have to learn the Dutch language (or English, which is widely spoken among Dutch citizens) the Netherlands expects a high number of these import brides from Anatolia; illiterated, under educated and not willing to integrate, they rather create their own colony. While the Dutch government spends billions of euros to get these people integrated and feel at home...

Brangelina babies!

The twins: Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Léon.

Mamma Mia!

Last night I saw Mamma Mia the movie.
It‘s a funny and most of all over-the-top “super duper” feel-good movie.
The movie tells the story of a young woman who, on the eve of her wedding, invites three men from her mother's past, any one of whom could be the father she has never known, back to the Greek island where she has been brought up.

The cast is fabulous,the set is romantic and the clothes are (sometimes)very seventies.

You have to see this movie when you are curious to hear “James Bond” sing S.O.S.!
Tell me …“how can you resist it”?

Day Opening - August 4

Because it's raining here all the time, a suitable day opening!

"Stacatto Rain" by Michael Flohr.