Sunday, August 3, 2008

Off for Sofia, Bulgaria

Ozlem and I will be off for Sofia, Bulgaria, one of the few European countries I never have been.

She will there be for business and I go looking around. Driving through the city since many Turkish friends are telling me all the time that Bulgarian women are extremely beautiful. I can see it now with my own eyes, although I think they can not beat the Venezuelan women..)

We are still in a mess. The company which moved us eight days ago was extremely good tough. I can recommend them to everybody. They pack your stuff, relocate you and unpack and install your furniture with extreme care! And I found things which I thought that I lost them. For example I found around 25 CD's which I missed since our wedding in Ciragan Palace June 7, 2003! Very dear CD's as you understand.

But I could not find around 70 books. Maybe I left them in Miami when I moved to Istanbul in August 2002, since I didn't unpack several boxes since then, or they are still in the Netherlands packed in 1999..))

Anyway, still a lot have to be installed and or decorated. Now they are busy with our terrace, which is 15 by 2 m. A lot of wind, but a magnificent view. By Wednesday they will finish the windshield. So in a couple of weeks we are settled, and the 30th of August Party time...

Yesterday evening a friend came over, and we had a delightful diner. He is an American living in Turkey since 2001, but will disillusioned go back to the states on Tuesday. He is the 4th American friend who left in a period of 9 months. All with mixed feelings about Turkey. That Turkey became foreign-unfriendly is a fact, although I don't experienced it so far. Only when setting up a company in Turkey as a foreigner, you can forget it. They simple take your money, let you hire (Turkish) employees, and then let you know that you are not eligible for a work permit. I worked three times for a Turkish company, as Vice President, International communication and relation manager and GM, but it never worked out. Companies, Turkish and foreign ones can hire me, and if I don't like them its adieu! One Dutch company approached me earlier this year but their attitude was 'we shall learn the Turks teach how to do business; wrong! End of the story. The same with Turkish companies which don't have a chance on the European market in my eyes got the advice to wait until they are mature enough to go abroad. This works the best for me, and for them.

Wednesday back in Istanbul.

Gay pride and parade Amsterdam 2008

Day opening - August 3

Johannes Vermeer - the Girl with a pearl earring.