Thursday, July 17, 2008


Its obvious Summertime for people in Europe and the USA. While Southern America and Oceania have their winter, life goes on, but the bloggers here are all busy or away: Bea is moving from Des Moines, Iowa to Cary, North Carolina, Hans, will move the next two weeks to a nice suburb of Istanbul called Tarabya. Christos is travelling in Greece, Sandra is pregnant and busy with so many things, Seda is running for a job, finally, in Greece, and Vassili escaped the heat of Athens. And last but not least, Eva is somewhere in the Himalaya!
But we will continue here.
More co bloggers will join.

At the same time, several weeks ago I was approached by a world wide business channel (6,5 million viewers a day) to be their expert on Turkey. Yesterday we had finally a long conversation, although the line London - Istanbul is not always clear. I will contribute to them with some info about Southern Europe and you will find for free here soon some interesting info from business leaders in the world including the CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi but also me, Hans.

Untranslatable (Dutch) words

Translation is an inexact science, so its sometimes difficult to translate words such as the Portuguese or rather Brazilian word 'saudade' into English. You can translate it into homesick, but the Brazilian connotation of the word doesn't cover 'homesickness'. Its more something like 'yearning'.

There are several Dutch words which simple don't need to be translated like 'Apartheid'.
And what about 'Kraken' (not a seamonster), 'Gedogen', 'Gedoogzone', 'krikken' etc.

Some Dutch out there to help me out? I simple don't know how to explain these words, only the last one is easy but doesn't really cover the word/meaning....

Day opening - July 17

Te future of Dubai.