Friday, July 11, 2008

Playing the voyeur, the counters on this blog

There are 5 counters on this blog which monitor the moves of you readers carefully..))
Don't worry, most of these counters can not count precisely (Like the Iranians who shot 3 instead 4 missiles into orbit yesterday, but photo shop did a pretty good job).
The first counter is a free one: it counts visitors, page hits and so on. The second, third and fourth counters are more precisely (paid for these ones): they count unique visitors by day, by city and current readers - click on mother earth to see who your co-voyeurs are.
But the last one only show bloggers who hit - on purpose or by accident - this blog. And it has an interesting feature; where are people looking for. And I tell you, that many people are looking for things they dont talk in live about: sex, hookers, prostitueus in Athens, Patras, Amsterdam, Istanbul etc....))
Here an example of today:

Houston, Texas arrived from on "Internation Musing: Istanbul, Athens, Amsterdam, Patra, Utrecht, Thessaloniki and Des Moines: Islamic Republic of Hookers and Drugs Addicts" by searching for hookers in istanbul.

Lovely picture...

...of our future King and Queen, Alexander and Maxima...
Don't think that they everybody bikes in the Netherlands, but it looks so cozy...
The guy is 10 years younger than me, but he has already 3 daughters, but must be some kind of ordeal for him....)

Day Opening - July 11

'Bacchus cres and Cupid! by Hans Von Aachen.