Saturday, June 28, 2008

Anti-Semitic hate in the name of Islam - Hamas 2

I re-opened the discussion form of Anti-semitic hate in the name of Islam - Hamas.

A research done by two Dutchmen at the International University of Florence will be shown he later. Its about how religion disrupt people their developments. Later/

Do Azerbaijan's Ethnic Minorities Face Forced Assimilation?

The ethnic groups in question are the Avars, Tsakhurs, and Lezgins, and according to official statistics together they constitute less than 1 percent of Azerbaijan's total population of 8.65 million. They live compactly in several districts of northern Azerbaijan bordering on the Russian Federation. Avars are the largest ethnic group in neighboring Daghestan, where they account for approximately 29 percent of the population, and Lezgins the third largest (13 percent). The Tsakhurs, who number around 8,000, constitute less than 0.5 percent of Daghestan's population.

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Jimmy Jump

This week Wednesday, during the Euro 2008 match Germany-Turkey, suddenly the broadband connection suffered a blackout. Was it because Jimmy Jump managed to run on the field with a t-shirt with the text: 'Tibet is not China'?

Come and go when you please part 2

The reason why I wanted to study Journalism, was because of the documentary 'Welcome to North Korea' made by Dutchmen Peter Tetteroo and Raymond Feddema. It received an Emmy award and displays the absurdness of the regime. Take your time if you want to watch it, it's almost one hour long but worth seeing.

In my second year I had the honour to meet Peter Tetteroo and to talk with him about this documentary. They were not looking for secret news, they wanted to show how absurd North Korea is. A lot of things that happened were coincidence and sometimes pure luck. Today it's still a country strictly controled.

Welcome to North Korea, Peter Tetteroo and Raymond Feddema, 2001
Click here for the documentary on a larger screen

Toyota Prius Campaign

Toyota thinks that sometimes you gotta overlook and forgive a man’s wrongdoing, as long as he is driving a Prius! The new Toyota Prius campaign uses the tagline “Well, at least he drives a Prius” with a backdrop of three pretty bad/naughty scenarios.

Killer, shows a man dragging a dead body into the lake. Lover, shows a wife making out with the gardener while the husband is at the doorsteps (How very Desperate Housewives). And Prostitute shows a man in a Prius chatting up a street hooker.

Photographer Luke Stettner shot the ads for Bed & Breakfast Advertising Agency, USA.
I wouldn’t forgive a man killing me or doing my wife unless he has a Lamborghini. That’s how I roll.

Day Opening - June 28

"Red Cannas" by Georgia O'Keefe.