Saturday, June 21, 2008

Today's 2008 Euro Matches

Russia - the Netherlands: 3 - 1
Sunday Match:
Italy - Spain: 21.45

Holland lost...the revenge of Hiddink

Russia had taken the lead in normal time when Roman Pavlyuchenko volleyed home, only for Ruud van Nistelrooy to head in an 86th-minute leveller.
But the brilliant Arshavin tormented our Dutch team in extra time and he crossed for Dmitri Torbinski to prod home.
Arshavin then wrapped it up with four minutes remaining as he ran through and fired low past Edwin van der Sar.
Exit Ollanda. And yes the Russians deserved it. With a Dutch coach like 'Aussie' Hiddink you always win...

Calm down Swiss, it's only the 'Mighty Dutch' invasion

Just when the Swiss are getting used to the idea of hosting the European Championship, along come the mighty Dutch. The 'Oranjes' outnumber any other country's fans and set their eyes on the capital, Bern, ready to pay whatever the cost might be to conquer it!

These “men in Orange,” or “Oranje” as they are called at home, numbered in the tens of thousands. Some say as many as 100,000, some say 150,000. Not only did they come in great numbers, they also had the most advanced weaponry of the world such as horns designed to make loud noises. However, their real weapons were their own vocal chords. “This city shall not sleep as long as we are here,” said a commander of the Dutch army, who could barely stand on his feet due to a proudly and deservedly nightmarish hangover.

They drank, and they partied in the streets, and they shouted and cheered for the Netherlands, making it impossible for the Swiss to enjoy their good old silent days. This was it, something had to be done against the Dutch, so the Swiss sent in the police. But the Dutch were prepared; before they could stop the madness, the police officers were already dancing and singing along with the invading forces.
In the end, the people of Bern had nothing to do but give up any further attempt to stop these drinking invaders in their orange costumes. Some residents were even seen partying in the streets, trying to get along with the new owners of their city. And so it was official, Bern was no more a Swiss city, but it was a colony of partying Dutch, at least until the new owners of the city get bored with it and abandon it of their own accord. Read more here

And today Base, a city of 150.000 citizens' has rolled out not so much the red but the orange carpet as it prepares to host up to 150,000 Dutch fans this weekend when the Netherlands and Russia contest their UEFA EURO 2008™ quarter-final at St. Jakob-Park on Saturday.
'The Dutch are coming'
The three-kilometre route between the city's two main train stations is also decked out in orange while a large banner reading "Welkom Oranjefans" has been draped over the entrance gate erected on the 13th century Mittlere Brücke, or Middle Bridge. "The Dutch are coming at exactly the right time," said Hanspeter Weisshaupt, Basel's UEFA EURO 2008™ delegate.
Basel has done its bit to accommodate them all with unused giant screens brought over from Berne, venue for the Netherlands' first-round games, to ensure 60,000 people will be able to watch the action in the public viewing areas. But they won't all be Dutch - with Switzerland eliminated, many local fans are adopting the Dutch as their second team, as Kesler noted: "Many Swiss are wearing orange."

Turkey - Croatia

The last safe.

Don't shoot your guns

Many Turks cheered as the national soccer team reached the semi finals of the Euro 2008 tournament, in an exiting match against Croatia. But some celebrated by firing shots into the air, with some narrowly escaping death. One man was injured in Bursa and had to undergo surgery to remove a bullet in his back. The shootings are stil going on.
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