Friday, June 20, 2008

Today's 2008 Euro Matches

Turkey - Croatia: 1 - 1 ( 4 - 1 in penalties)
Saturday match:
The Netherlands - Russia: 21.45


Added Ertan earlier this week to the Chain of Internations. He often makes sensible comments here, but also his writings on his own blog are worth reading. Happy reading Ertan here.

Christos let me know that he is traveling the next 10 days. But he sent a picture of him, which you can see on the right bar of this blog. He looks Turkish, or Italian.. No, he is just a nice Greek..) As so many other Greek friends. We will meet with him in Istanbul or Amsterdam this summer.

Seda will be in Istanbul as well, so more quality time with my friends.

Bea is hit by floods. You can read it here. Will contact here as soon as possible.

Eva is busy with her last examinations for her study, and together we are writing an article about Turkey. You can read it soon in the Turkish media. 10 days she will leave for Nepal.

Sandra is busy with work and exited to be a Mom in a couple of months. She will be a good one...

And me? We will move the next weeks to a beautiful penthouse in Tarabya, suburb of Istanbul. A beautiful Bosporus view and much more. I shall upload some pictures soon.

Hope all readers are doing well, and enjoy the weekend!

Loosing a child

Between 1996 and 2000 I had a wonderful relation with xxxx
But was overshadowed by the lost of her baby. xxxx was 25 years old when she gave birth to Ruby, on Saint Nicolas day 1990. Ruby suffered a lot: her heart was not working well, one of her hands was not grown normally and much more. She died on the first day of Spring 1991. Over dose of morphine. Ruby was in incredible pain. Euthanasia. I still don't know.

When I met xxxx, she talked about her lost, and was still not over with it; it was part of her life as a woman of 30 years. We talked and talked. And we tried to open what happened then. Self help groups, psychiatrists and so on. After three years she broke down, and accepted her 'lost' as something which can happen to everybody. We spent a wonderful time in Italy, that summer of 1999, while I was working mainly in Prague.
But all this energy took a toll. We split up and I moved to Miami.

Today I read that one of the Dutch players, Khalid Boulahrouz, his wife was hospitaized in Lausanne Swisse earlier this week. After Tuesday match against Romania, he went back to his wife Sabi. And she gave birth to a child. But died yesterday.

So, when I see child labor in Turkey or children begging on the streets, I keep these pictures in mind of these wonderful women who fought for their lives and futures.

Day Opening - June 20

Istanbul, the Bosporus by night.