Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today's 2008 Euro Matches

Portugal - Germany: 2 - 3
Friday match:
Croatia - Turkey: 21.45 EET

Turkey and their Olga's

Many Turkish men can not handle a Turkish woman well. Why? They became too dependent and too bored according well informed sources...
Yet, Russia solve this problem. The import Olga's, Katharina's, Natalia's, Elena's are free of charge in Turkey, so Turkish men hooked up with them...
But this Olga said literally: 'We will meet Saturday night for a hot encounter; Our Russian comrades must play against the boys of the Netherlands'. We can not wait....)
Lets see who will swing....

No Right Turn: No freedom of speech in Turkey

No Right Turn: No freedom of speech in Turkey

No Right Turn: No freedom of speech in Turkey II

No Right Turn: No freedom of speech in Turkey II

Epicentric thinking or

...simply: idiots? But the kemalist bureaucrats are simple not ready to face reality. They can not coop in an open world. Reminds me about Zimbabwe, although there you have at least a face who represents this lack of affinity with an open civil society: R. Mugabe.

Happy reading;

'YouTube, being the world’s largest and most popular audio and video sharing Web site, has become a symbol as access to it has frequently been prohibited by Turkish courts.

The Ankara’s Prosecutor’s Office has sought to expand the scope of this ban by having a worldwide access ban placed on videos deemed offensive by Turkish authorities. Indeed, a person living in Turkey can access censured sites by changing their computer’s proxy settings.

Turkish prosecutors also want videos considered insulting to Atatürk to be erased altogether. In order to do this, they want YouTube to open a representative office in Turkey, obtain a security and authorization certificate, all required licenses and become a taxpayer under Turkish law.

YouTube officials have no intention of opening such a branch.
They say YouTube was not established in Turkey and is not subject to Turkish law. The officials also note that removing videos upon a request by Turkish courts is not a solution as what is requested by Turkey today may be demanded by Pakistan or Thailand in the future, leading to a vicious cycle.'

And much more here.

Good morning!

Day Opening - June 19

Bistro by Juarez Machado (Brasil)