Monday, June 16, 2008

Today's Euro 2008 matches

Poland - Croatia: 0 - 1
Austria - Germany: 0 - 1
Tuesdays matches:
Romania - the Netherlands: 21.45 EET
France - Italy: 21.45 EET

An open letter to people of Anatolia/ Armenians+Turks

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ece Temelkuran, a prominent Turkish journalist, overcame obstacles in her mind and conducted a research on the Armenians, a people she used to know very little about because of a number of misconceptions and a dialogue of the deaf between two peoples: the Turks and the Armenians


ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News

Journalist Ece Temelkuran followed the path of curiosity, a principle sine qua non for journalists, and decided to get to know the Armenians, a people to whom she, like many Turks, was largely indifferent throughout her life, consciously or subconsciously labeling them the “other.”

After making this crucial decision, Temelkuran's first step was to pay a visit in 2006 to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, Turkey's neighbor country beyond the closed border gates. She spent eight days in Yerevan, chatting with locals and experiencing everyday life in the ancient city.

Following her trip to Armenia, Temelkuran decided to also meet members of the Armenian Diaspora, a prominent group in the media known for its firm attitude towards the problems between the Turks and the Armenians. She flew to Paris and Los Angeles where she met with some diaspora members through connections provided by journalist Hrant Dink, the assassinated editor-in-chief of the Istanbul-based Turkish-Armenian bilingual weekly Agos.

Temelkuran told the story of her one-and-a-half-year long journey to Yerevan, Paris and Los Angeles in her book “Ağrı'nın Derinliği” (The Depth of Ağrı), which was recently published by Everest Publications.

For Temelkuran, Armenians construct their identity based on their past suffering while Turks construct a future for themselves by not remembering the bitter events of the past. She describes her book as a long letter written to those who once had to leave Anatolia but still feel connected to it from the bottom of their hearts.

Temelkuran said she has received many threats since her book was published, “but this does not make me feel scared. If I set the sail for a purpose, then, I have no chance to feel scared. Some should do some things for reconciliation of the two peoples, the Turks and the Armenians,” she said.

In line with the publication of Temelkuran's book, an exhibition was opened in an old tobacco storehouse in Tophane. The exhibition, where photographs taken by photojournalist Yurttaş Tümer of the daily Milliyet are displayed, will be open until June 20.

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Interactive Bus Stop Ads

Most of the time, people don’t pay much attention to bus stop ads, but every once in a while, there are ads so clever, you can’t help but be captivated by them. This interactive bus stop billboard from Johnson & Johnson, for example is a real head turner.

To grab your intitial attention, there is a giant image of an attrictive model lounging in a bikini. To keep your attention, they’ve istalled a knob that you can turn to crank up the bronze factor of her skin.

The tagline reads, “You can have the tan you want. Choose yours.”

Made by DDB Brazil.

Day Opening - June 16

Turkey qualified for Quarter finals, beats Czech Republic: 3 - 2!!!