Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today's Euro 2008 matches

Switzerland - Turkey: 1 - 2
Portugal - Chezh Republic: - 3 - 1
Thursday matches:
Croatia - Germany: 19.00 EET
Austia - Poland: 21.45 EET

Turkish people are TEA addicted, Greek people are COFFEE addicted…

Yes, that is true. We are tea addicted. I should say we drink more than “Raki” which is more famous as a traditional Turkish drink. I remember really well. I was drinking 7 or 8 cup of tea per day. I could not imagine a single day without tea. If you visit Turkey you may understand what I am talking about. In the restaurants, after each meal, they serve immediately. Don’t matter what you eat, kebab or home food etc. You always know it! It is going to be followed by a cup of tea. And now, I would like to ask you a question, my reader? If a person who is seriously addicted to drink 7-8 cups of tea every single day of her life moves to Greece which is a place with no tea culture what does she do?

I remember my very first day here. Me, my husband – that time my boy friend- and some of our friends we went out to drink coffee. That is how they call it! Let’s go out for a coffee! We went to a very well decorated café-bar (in Greece all café-bars are amazingly decorated and sometime overdose) and waitress came to take our orders. One by one they started to say “Frappe”, a Greek invention, cold coffee. As you can imagine, I asked a cup of tea. A teaaaaaaa! You must be joking! In the middle of the summer to drink hot tea! Are you ill? I don’t need to be ill to drink a tea! (or we all Turkish people are illJ ) The waitress came back with all the Frappes and my weird tea. It did not smell as I dreamed off. Disappointment! And unfortunately not one time!

Most of the Greek people (or should I say all), they start a day with a cup of coffee alongside a cigarette. As much as we drink tea, they drink coffee. After long (!) working hours (government offices close around 1pm, and 3days per week shops close around 3pm), they go for a coffee. But this time, coffee is an excuse to see your friends and to catch up with them. That is one of the thing I really like that they do. They know how to socialise and enjoy the life. Every single second!

Now, I am sure you are wondering my lovely reader, what I am doing about tea-coffee thing… After trying so hard with coffees, I may confess that when I go out in the afternoon with my friends I am drinking coffee but my mornings and my evenings it is my own tea time.

Day Opening - June 11

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