Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Euro matches of today

Spain - Russia: 4 - 1
Greece - Sweden: 0 -2
Tomorrow matches:
Chech Republic - Portugal: 19.45 EET
Turkey - Switzerland 21.45 EET

Turks as Villains

In my daily reading, I ran across quite an interesting history on Why Turks have been regarded as villains, so to speak, and discriminated against for years because of it. The history is quite interesting, but one thing I did not find there was that Turks are some of the greatest soldiers of all time. Would this not add to their ferociousness? Anything to add?


My life at the moment is weird. Everything seems to be in extreme. Just sitting here on the side of my bed. The door to my little balcony open so that the sound of thunder and rain can enter. Now and than a frog lets me know he's out there. The sounds of invisible cars and trucks passing by.

Nothing weird about that right? But it's very warm here. Usually when it rains in Holland, it cools off alot. And the rain and thunder keeps going on, which is extreme as well and gives the idea of being in a tropical region instead of Holland. And life as a student is extreme (at least as a journalist student) because sometimes there is no inspiration to write. And when the moment is there, there is an urge to write and to write. So I finished three articles today and I'm still writing. That's extreme...

Another extreme thing is the realisation that I'll leave Holland again within one month to travel around in Nepal. I can't stop thinking about it and I want to tell everybody about it. In fact, I'm so extreme that I invite everybody. "It's dirt cheap to go to Asia right now. A flight from Dusseldorf (Germany) to New Delhi (India) is 300 euro's total. Come and visit me". Isn't that extreme?

It's possible to come up with a lot more, but the conclusion is that all these extremes in life sure makes it interesting.

(some quick thoughts i wrote down one week ago)


Back in 1915, the Atlanta Constitution reported that the practice of "jay walking" was all too commonplace.; "People cross the streets any and everywhere, without regard to traffic, darting in front of fast-moving motor vehicles, dodging horses and street cars, and even braving ambulances and fire apparatus with no satisfaction except the consciousness that 'they did it,' and then having plenty of time to turn and contemplate the danger they have escaped."

And it looks likes that the national sport in Turkey is not soccer but jaywalking. People, impatient, crossing main roads and even highways, everywhere you drive in Istanbul.
Today, when I came back from the Asian side, driving 50 miles a hr, suddenly a guy jumped on the highway, in a hurry to cross the highway. He took a shortcut while he scared the ongoing stream of cars, almost got hit or maybe the next time be killed.
Next time you will find me in a car, it will be with a heart attack!


Giant, slow-moving, buses in crowded urban areas make great, high-visibility ad-spaces. The creators of the following ads obviously understands this. The large, bright decals along with the moving exhaust, doors, and tires are sure to be successful marketing campaigns. Not in Istanbul, yet.

Day Opening - June 10

Holland - Italia; 3-0, a beautiful match....