Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Healing the Great Divide: Muslims and the Rest of the World

Next week, my serious side will be reflected on Turkey & My Foreign Perspectives in a series of short articles about fact and fiction on the greatest divide of our time. I'll be writing about how we can all step up to heal the world of hate, prejudice, radicalism and fear of the "other" by learning truths and lies we face daily in the media and our personal lives.

Until then, I'd like for you to watch a short, interesting and enlightening video to prime you for more next week. Until then, reach out your hand to someone who has different opinions than you do and change your way of thinking.

Day Openıng - May 27. 'A sleeping beauty'

The national palace in Asunción, Paraguay.

The name Paraguay is still linked to one of the most authoritarian and brutal regimes of the 20th century. In the past Paraguay was known as a police state par excellence, with countless arbitrary arrests and tortures. Years after this ended, many foreigners still prefer to avoid this country. Expatriate web-sites are full of unpleasant words about Paraguay: rising crime rates, poor infrastructure, corrupt government officials, etc. Unfortunately all this seems to be true. Only rarely we will find some nice comments about the life there, mostly about the picturesque nature. As we learn more about Paraguay, we will see a country that could become more attractive for those who look for a quiet and affordable life.