Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Date

Writing for the first time on a blog, feels like going on a first date. Nobody knows you, the expectations are high and you have to give something from yourself.

I'll do what is expected on a first date. I'll tell you who I am. If you like what you read, you can stick to me.

So, here we go: my name is Eva, I'm 22 years old and a student Journalism in Utrecht, Holland. I've been invited by Hans to write on this blog after we met in Istanbul.

Istanbul was impressive and supported me to change my point of view. And that's what I like about going abroad. Being impressed by everything that's new. The good and the bad things.

In six weeks I leave Holland behind me for two full month to travel through Nepal and god knows where else. You can read about me at least once a week about everything that impressed me. The next six weeks here in Holland. During summertime in Nepal.

Hope we meet again.

'Tourist enjoys alcohol but not locals'

You really must be nuts if you believe this heading 'Tourist enjoys alcohol but not locals'
Personally, I think that the manager of this hotel is a creepy guy who cause controversy to sell 'illegal' alcohol to foreigners and not to Turks. I am sure that none of the tourists are aware of this but a foreigner living in Turkey will never accept this. I can not even imagine having a nice diner with friends, and they serve only me wine, whiskey or whatever...I will be totally embarrassed!
But more important is, that with these kind of headings - the second this week - you leave a false impression. An impression that foreigners get a special treatment.
To speak about ınternal affairs, these affairs are intenal.
Conversely, a bad hotel, a bad general manager and bad journalist! That makes a bad article.

Day opening - May 27

Mars robot Phoenix.