Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dhimmitude in the Netherlands

The last time I visited the Netherlands was in May 2007. It has never been so long, but maybe the reason is unconscious. Through Dutch TV programs, easy to watch on a good laptop, and Dutch news papers I get information lately which disturbs me.
Yesterday the city council of the municipality Huizen announced that the painting shown above, which is exhibited in the city hall, will be removed and placed where the public can not see this after complains by some Muslims that these paintings are 'provocative'. Maybe the Dutch have to remove all naked statues, paintings from public places such as musea.
Get rid off for example Rubens, Sandro Botticelli, Camille Pissarro etc.
Also yesterday, the VVD, a prominent Dutch liberal conservative political party, merely entrepreneurs and employees, announced that on a entrepreneurs meeting of them next month in Amsterdam, no alcohol will be served and the food must be halal - I am against ritual slaughtering of animals since they suffer needless.
One week ago a pro active Muslima filed a complain about construction workers who were working without a shirt (common practice among them when its really hot) and in shorts. It was 'provocative'.
And so on.
Yes, this attitude is dhimmitude on both sides.
And so on....


It is probably safe to say that American society has come a long way since the days of repressed emotions.
And it has not gone unnoticed by the ubiquitous tissue brand Kleenex. The company believed that by tying the public's emotional health to its brand, it could promote a stronger bond with their customers. The company said it began to notice the trend in expressiveness and decided to put science to work. Kleenex hired real scientists to conduct research on people's perception of "emotional health" and discovered they felt good when they let all those emotions out. We are talking here about America where people start crying when they have a camera in front of them..)
But lets talk European. Kleenex conducted a survey earlier this year (I have only the Dutch link, so sorry) among 10 European countries. And one of the results was: 'Dutch, in particular Dutch men are far more 'emotional' or emotive as I prefer to say than for example Italians...
Dutch are open, direct and eager to share their emotions.
You have to make the link in your head now with the feminists and emancipation movement in the sixties of the last century, and it didn't stop. One friend of my once said: 'Dutch women are men without balls', 'we Dutchmen are suppressed by them'...)
And now I have to cry

American's gone nude

While it is a non-issue and pretty common occurrence in European magazines, it’s very rare for mainstream American publications to show bare breasts or frontal nudity. However, that seems to be changing as the new issue of V magazine not only breaks the taboo, it shatters it.

Their latest issue features not one or two, but 18 nude shots of some of the hottest up and coming names in the modeling and fashion world from IMG modeling agency.
Jessica Stam, Liya Kebede, Sasha Pivovarova, Miranda Kerr, Hana Soukupova, and Hilary Rhoda all appear nude in amazing bed shots taken by Mario Sorrenti.

The result is a very daring yet tasteful shoot that does not come across as gratuitous or scandalous, proving that nudity can be art.

Day Opening - May 22

"King Kong ".