Friday, May 16, 2008

Masking Censorship - World Press Freedom Ads

Censorship is one of the things I hate most, and the most dangerous kind of censorship is the sly and subtle kind that creeps in without making a fuss or grand entrance. It’s the little measures and twisted, undercover ways which go unnoticed and undisputed that abuse people’s rights.
That’s why I am loving these prints that were recently used by the Brazilian Association of Press as a celebration of the World Press Freedom Day on 3rd of May.
While we have seen an abundance of shocking and disturbing campaigns to promote social awareness and good causes, these prints go for a more subtle and artistic direction to illustrate the stealth of censorship. The two ads show a seemingly normal, beautiful girl and guy that would fit right in a photo shoot. The trick, however, is that his eyes are covered with a blindfold while she is silenced with a wrap around her mouth. The censoring blindfold and wrap have the eyes and mouth drawn on them as to give the illusion that all is fine and dandy…
The accompanying message of the prints is, “The censorship never gives up. It always returns disguised.”
Do not think that you will find these ads in the heaven of free press, tolerance, religious open minded societies and their corrupt saviors which are ruling the Middle East. You will be jailed if you even blog about it!

Day opening - May 16

The Assumption of the Virgin (1577–1579, oil on canvas, 401 × 228 cm, Art Institute of Chicago) was one of the nine paintings El Greco completed for the church of Santo Domingo el Antiguo in Toledo, his first commission in Spain.